Historic Scottish/Norse Family Names

Names belonging to family members or ancestors on my family tree. - Created by WinterRose

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  • Alexandra

    Alex, Lex, Lexi (My Name)

  • Angus

    Gus (Family Tree) "Og/Mor of the Isles, MacDonald"

  • Celestine

    (Belonging to a male on the family tree but would better suit a female) "of Lochalsh, MacDonald"

  • Coral

    Cora, Cori (Grandmother's Name)

  • Eliza

    Elli, Liza (Family Tree)

  • Ewen

    (Family Tree) "Ewen Cameron of Locheil, 17th Clan Cheif"

  • Finlay

    Fin (Brother's Name)

  • Finvola

    Fin, Finnie, Vola, Fynvola (Family Tree) "MacLean of Duart"

  • Harriet

    Harri (Family Tree)

  • Isla

    (From "John of Isla, 1st Lord of the Isles, MacDonald")

  • Marion

    Mari (Family Tree) "MacDonald

  • Ragnhilda

    Raggie, Hilda, Agnes (Family Tree) "Princess of Man, Olafsdottir"

  • Rhuari

    (Brother's Name)

  • Thane

    (from "Somhairle Mor, Thane of Argyll, Lord of the Isles, MacGillebride")

  • Theodore

    Theo (Family Tree)

  • Valentine

    Vale, Valen, Tin (Family Tree)