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Long before Romeo and Juliet, a priestess named Hero and her beloved Leander‘s love story ended tragically. Shakespeare also gave the name to a female character in his Much Ado About Nothing, but his Hero has a happy ending.

This would seem to make the name a bold option for girls, another ends-in-o choice to consider when Willow and Margot feel too mainstream. English pop star-turned-television presenter Myleene Klaas is mom to Ava Bailey and Hero Harper.

But Terrence Howard and Mira Pak recently gave the name to their son, a brother for Qirin.

Hiro is a traditional Japanese boy’s name, used for characters in television’s Heroes as well as Disney-Pixar production Big Hero 6.

American parents agree with Howard and Pak. In 2015, 55 boys were named Hero, compared to just ten girls. There were also 74 newborn Hiros. There’s a sharp uptick in use in 2015, likely a result of the animated hit.

Hero fits in with modern virtue names for boys, like Emile Hirch’s Valor and Jessica Simpson‘s Ace.