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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have revealed the name of their second child together: Ines.

As with daughter James, the celebrity couple waited several months before sharing the news. It comes on the heels of the girls’ first public appearance, to watch dad receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this month.

The name comes from Agnes, via the Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Depending on the language, it’s typically pronounced with a long ee sound, and the emphasis on the second syllable.

Inez made a splash in the early twentieth century, briefly entering the US Top 100 during the same era as Juanita and Lola. The ‘s’ spelling has always been relatively rare. The name means pure, though it’s also associated with the Greek word for lamb.

The couple made headlines with their unorthodox choice of James for a daughter, though it has already proved trendsetting – and Ryan later explained that it was the name of his late father. No word yet on whether the saintly, traditional name has personal ties for either parent.

Another burning question: will other parents follow suit? The name – in all three forms, Agnes, Inez, and Ines – has trended upwards slightly in recent years. But they remain well outside of the US Top 1000, despite Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany’s daughter Agnes Lark, and an adorable animated character in box office franchise Despicable Me.

Of course, plenty of other I names, like Isabella, Isla, Iris, and Ivy are also rising favorites in recent years, with celebrities as well as parents across the English-speaking world. That raises the possibility that Ines will fall right into step with other rare-but-rising names, like Ivory and Irene.

What do you think of Ines? Do you think this belongs on our list of hottest celebrity baby names of the year?