Names that I would NEVER use and strongly dislike...

... due to either a bad association, undesirable meaning, trendiness, or the general style. - Created by evelynmargaret

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  • Auden

    Bratty dance student

  • Bella

    Love the name Isabel, though.

  • Cami


  • Carter

    Horrid little boy I used to babysit

  • Carver

    Freakish character in Lorna Doone...

  • Edward

    Thanks, Twilight.

  • Harley

    mustached, grungy bikers, anyone?

  • Harry

    reminds me of hairy guys...

  • Hazel

    just don't like the sound... reminds me of hazing, hazy skies, etc.

  • Hudson

    associated with too much chest hair.

  • Jared

    Bad, bratty little boy from my childhood church.

  • Jose

    just... because.

  • Juan

    see "Jose"

  • Kaley

    don't really like the trendy names that end in an "eee" sound.

  • Katniss

    Hunger Games fad... reminds me of catnip and hissing

  • Lucifer


  • Mackenzie

    see "Kaley"

  • Molly

    evil adversary in middle school and junior high.

  • Myrtle

    Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter

  • Raven

    that's so raven

  • Samuel

    ugh, stalker.

  • Severine

    severed appendages. eew.

  • Taylor

    Taylor Swift? no thanks

  • Tony

    reminds me of the mafia

  • Victor

    Victor/Vector in Despicable Me