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Apparently I like Hipster names. I'm ok with that. :) - Created by daire

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  • Amber

    Used to really like this one - I even bought a key ring with this name on years ago - but I've gone off it a bit now.

  • Anjali

    'offering' in sanskrit

  • Amaliah / Amalia

  • Calvin

    (and hobbes lol)

  • Cashel


  • Clementine

    no nickname, ever.

  • Clove


  • Daphne

    Similar to Phoebe, but a bit more off beat.

  • Delilah

    Lilah for short - although I'd have to clear this with the friend who wanted it for the daughter she may one day have.

  • Dex

    or Declan , Middle name after my brother, Declan

  • Dorothea

    Dot, Dottie

  • Elen

    the Reindeer goddess! Welsh again

  • Flora

  • Flynn

    Keeps coming to mind everytime I imagine a little boy. Flynn loves the sea. Flynn Henry Nessan.

  • Harry

  • Henry

    Harry. After my dad. He was Herbert Nessan Henry. All good.

  • Isidore

    Dora for short - even though my name is pronounced 'Dara'

  • Johnny

  • Kiva

    Caoimhe. Welsh? as well as Irish?

  • Levi

    I know I know, It's too cool for school, but I still like it, I can't help it.

  • Llyr

    after King Lir? welsh middle

  • Marigold

    Mari, Mara, Maragold?

  • Milo

    always loved it.

  • Maeleri

    lovely welsh middle

  • Maelona

    welsh middle

  • Maitri


  • Margeurite

    middle name after Great Grandma - Rita or Maggie? Granny was Rita

  • Norah

  • Nessan

    Family name, middle name, after Dad again. And Uncle Harry/Father Nessan.

  • Otto

    love it

  • Penelope

    Penny for short

  • Phoebe

    Ruby loves this one. I like it too.

  • Poppy

  • Sian

    middle mane for a welsh baby

  • Sita

    hindu goddess of the harvest - similar to the welsh zita

  • Siva

    or Shiva (shee-va)

  • Taliesin

    welsh middle

  • Tara

    Buddhist and Irish, like me. Lovely middle name.

  • Zeta

    Middle name for a welsh baby