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Name with strong and beautiful meaning that can transcend time and place, cross cultures and carry our little sister from cradle to grave. - Created by oosally

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  • Anjali Anne

    Divine messanger of grace

  • Anjali Helen

    Divine messanger of light

  • Astrid Louise

    Divinely beautiful warrior

  • Astrid Shanti

    Divinely beautiful peace

  • Darsha Helen

    Vision of light

  • Darsha Louise

    Vision of a warrior

  • Imogene Shanti

    Beloved child of peace

  • Ishani Anne

    Desire of grace

  • Ishani Taisie

    Desire of beauty

  • Jing Anne

    essence, capital city, crystal, Grace

  • Kalida Anne

    Immortal Grace

  • Kalida Arlene

    Immortal promise

  • Kalida Louise

    Immortal Warrior

  • Kalila Louise

    Beloved warrior

  • Mahima Anne

    Highest grace

  • Mahima Louise

    Glorious warrior/ With wisdom warrior

  • Nashira Shanti

    Bearer of good news of peace

  • Olwen Louise

    White footprints of the warrior

  • Shanti Louise

    Peaceful warrior

  • Taisie Arlene

    Beautiful promise

  • Tindra Daisy

    Sparkling dark eyes/ pearl