Greek Myth Names: Beyond Athena and Orion (WIP)

If you are passionate about mythology or have Greek heritage, why settle for a well known name such as Persephone or Iris? These names are inexplicably tied with mythology, but the following are unusual names with a history spanning millennia. Goodbye, Apollo and Artemis, hello Elpis and Acheron. (I suggest looking up the pronunciation, but two important rules are that the 'e' at the end is always pronounced 'ee' and that the c makes a hard kuh sound like in car.) - Created by Aurra

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  • Anaideia

    Goddess of ruthlessness

  • Alala

    Female personification of the war cry

  • Auxesia

    Goddess of spring growth. also a title of Persephone

  • Aceso

    Goddess of curing illness

  • Acheron

    Underworld river and its god

  • Aeceus

    One of the Judges of the Underworld

  • Lyssa

    A goddess of the Underworld

  • Aeon

    Deity of time

  • Eleos

    Goddess of mercy

  • Adicia

    Female personification of injustice

  • Acraea

    Nymph that nursed the infant Hera

  • Aedos

    Female personification of modesty and respect

  • Elpis

    Goddess of hope

  • Alke

    Female personification of battle strength and skill

  • Alecto

    One of the Furies (Means unceasing anger)

  • Tisiphone

    One of the Furies- means avenging murder

  • Aletheia

    Female personification of Trurh

  • Amaltheia

    She goat nurse of Zeus whose horn was turned into the cornucopia.

  • Anatole

    Nursed infant Zeus

  • Capheira

    Nymph of hazel and walnut tree

  • Caerus

    God of Opportunity

  • Cleodora

    A nymph loved by Poseidon

  • Coeus

    Titan God of intelligence

  • Epione

    goddess of soothing pain

  • Erebus

    Primordial spirit of darkness

  • Endymion

    A young shepard who was granted immortality by falling into an eternal slumber

  • Astris

    Daughter of Helios

  • Amymone


  • Ananke

    Primeval goddess of necessity

  • Apate

    Female personification of deceit

  • Alpus

    Sicilian Giant slain by Dionysus

  • Alexiroe

    A naiad daughter of the river of Troy

  • Alexiares

    A son of Heracles and Hebe; an immortal demigod who wards off war.

  • Anteros

    God of unrequited love

  • Arae

    Female personification of curses

  • Arce

    (Also spelled Arke) Titan sister of Iris

  • Asteria

    Titan goddess of nocturnal rights, and mother of Hecate.

  • Asterius

    Lydian giant

  • Asterope

    Oceanid loved by Zeus

  • Euros

    God of East Wind

  • Eurynome

    Titan goddess of water pastures

  • Erse

    Goddess of dew

  • Eidyia

    The Oceanid nymph

  • Maron

    Charioteer of Dionysus

  • Melaena

    A naiad nymph of Mt. Parnassus

  • Melia

    The name of several nymphs in mythology

  • Meliite


  • Melpomene

    Muse of tragedy

  • Metope

    Naiad nymph

  • Morus

    Male personification of doom

  • Myrtoessa

    Naiad nymph

  • Mystis


  • Macaria

    Goddess of blessed death and afterlife

  • Paidia

    Goddess of play or amusement

  • Palioxis

    Spirit of the battlefield

  • Panacea

    Goddess of cures

  • Pasithea

    Married to Hypnos