A (Preliminary) Boys' Name List... Or, to convince my hubby to change Vincent!

OK, I'm 31 weeks with baby number one, and he appears to be a boy. I have been a huge fan of names since I was little, always making up name lists... Well, my hubby is dead-set on Vincent, and while it's a nice name, I'm not crazy about it. Here are some names I've compiled to try and see if he'll relent..... I'm also not a fan of nicknames, I want my kid to be called what I've named him! - Created by needaname89

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  • Adair

    A relative of my grandfather's; I just like the name.

  • Adam

    Nice name.

  • Adrian

    We live in a town called Adrian, so it seems kind of redundant.

  • Alastair

    British, gothic-sounding.

  • Atticus

    Sounds literary, gothic.

  • Azriel

    Sounds thunderous and biblical.

  • Bosco

    Bold, strange, has an aura of upper-class, but it's cute!

  • Christian

    I like the sound of it, but not for religious reasons.

  • Eddie

    Not Edward, not Ed- Eddie.

  • Eli

    Unusual, simple.

  • Ephraim

    Interesting name; I've only met one so far.

  • Ezekiel

    Biblical, strong. Zeke is fine, too.

  • Ezra

    Again, biblical and strong.

  • Gabriel

    I love it, but he will probably be called 'Gabe' pretty often, and it sounds terrible with our last name.

  • Isaiah

    This one's nice.

  • Jack

    My first choice- my beloved grandfather's name!

  • Jason

    A possibility.

  • Jeremy

    Solid name.

  • Julian

    I like it, hubby hates it.

  • Kevin

    Does this one sound a little dated? I still like it.

  • Malachi

    Sounds like he might be a villain! But I like this one.

  • Norman

    My great-grandfather's name (never met him), it's a good classic. Norm is fine.

  • Oliver

    I just love it, classic and British-sounding. Ollie might be okay.

  • Raymond

    Reminds me of the '20's and '30's for some reason.

  • Remy

    Could be unisex; I like it better for a girl, though.

  • Silas

    Seems mysterious.