Black American Baby Name Trends

Black American Baby Name Trends

Black American baby names reflect the diverse backgrounds of the Black American community.

The Social Security Administration does not segment baby name data by race, but we can use data from states that do — including Georgia and Oregon — as well as popularity statistics from states with higher Black populations to analyze baby names that are trending within the Black community. Taken together, several unique trends stand out.

Included here are the most popular Black American baby names of 2022. Inspiration is drawn from a huge variety of sources, many of which are distinct to the Black community. You'll probably recognize and connect with a few, like high school crush Jerome, Grandpa Terrence, your favorite coworker Armani, or Aunty Khadija.

Top Black American Baby Names 2022

The top Black American baby names are disproportionately popular in the Black community. Ava is a popular choice nationwide, but it easily takes the Number 1 spot for African American girls born in 2022. Liam is the top name among all races and nationalities in the US, but it's particularly popular for Black baby boys.

More offbeat choices round out the Top 10, including modern Christian picks Genesis and Messiah, as well as alternative spellings Karter and Londyn.

Top Black Girl Names 2022

Top Black Boy Names 2022

Black Baby Name Trends

In Memory of...

Names that honor loved ones are a long-standing naming tradition across the world. Black Americans see these heritage names as an important part of preserving history.

Family names as well as those of actors, musicians, and athletes round out these memorial name choices.

Music and Luxury

The contributions of Black Americans have made an outstanding impact on the American music and fashion scenes. Now, music and fashion is influencing the names of Black babies. These choices manifest rhythm, ease, and luxury into a child's life.

Black Biblical and Christian Names

Biblical names and those connected to Christianity have long been popular among Black Americans. Mainstays such as Matthew and Mark take center stage, but modern choices like Zion and Genesis are roaring to the front in 2023.

Mr. And Mrs. Worldwide

Among a community with diverse heritage, names with global appeal are highly valued. Hawaiian names like Kehlani, Leilani, and Kai are newly popular with Black Americans, while the influence of Latin, Arabic, and Pan-African names has been seen for generations.

Modern Virtue Names

Move over, Hope and Grace — Black parents are looking for newer, more inventive virtue names!

The next generation of modern virtue names leans into titles rather than traditional virtues, with names like Messiah and Pharaoh ranking especially high in the Black community.

Time and Place Names

Place names and other proper nouns, such as season names, have long been popular in the Black community. New hits like Kairo and now-classics like Summer will remain in heavy rotation for years to come.