Dutch and German, from first name Hendrik
"estate ruler"

Hendrix Origin and Meaning

The name Hendrix is a boy's name meaning "estate ruler".

Hendrix is one of those hip rock and roll names, like Lennon, Jagger and Presley, that have been used by fellow celebs and others, to honor the seminal guitarist/singer/songwriter Jimi. And this one has the trendy 'x' ending, as well, helping to propel it up the charts and into the spotlight.

# 303 in the US

Hendrix Rank in US Top 1000

# 428 on Nameberry

Hendrix Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Hendrix Popularity

Famous People Named Hendrix

  • James Marshall "Jimi" HendrixAmerican rock musician
  • Hendrix Smithson of rapper Shwayze
  • Hendrix Hartson of comedian Kevin Hart
  • Hendrix Knight Hawkson of A.J. Hawk & Laura Quinn
  • Hendrix Fryeson of basketball player Channing Frye
  • Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoads Wylde (b. 2003)son of musician Zakk Wylde
  • Hendrix John Hickson McGlinchey (b. 2013)son of Cameron McGlinchey
  • Hendrix Walter White (b. 2014)son of Christie Hayes & Daniel White
  • Hendrix Gregory (b. 2016)son of actor Adam Gregory
  • Elijah Hendrix Wahlbergson of American actor/singer Donnie Wahlberg
  • Asher Hendrix Boyleson of actress Lynn Collins and musician Matthew Boyle
  • Hendrix Rose Reesedaughter of celebrity tattoo artist London Reese

Hendrix in Pop Culture

  • Hendrix the Huskymascot of the University of Washington,Tacoma
  • Alison Hendrixa character in the TV show "Orphan Black"