Spanish variation of Alice

Alicia Origin and Meaning

The name Alicia is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "noble".

Alicia is a Latinized variation of Alice, a name ultimately derived from the German Adalhaidis. It emerged in the 19th century, but the 20th saw many spelling evolutions for Alicia, including Alecia, Alisha, Aleesha, and Alysha. Alyssa originated as a form of Alicia.

Alicia was more popular than its mother name for several years, adding a lacy, more balletic feel to the original. But their fortunes have reversed in recent years, with Alicia sinking down to its lowest rating since World War II while Alice has soared to the Top 100. Taken for its sound alone, Alicia is a lovely, feminine name, but parents should be aware that its innumerable phonetic versions have robbed it of some of its character.

Two high-profile Alicias are actress Silverstone and soul singer Keys; in the past there were ballerina Markova and the great Spanish classical pianist de Larrocha. Alicia is the birth name of Jodie Foster, and the singer known as Pink was originally Alecia. Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, who won an Oscar for her role in The Danish Girl, pronounces her first name "ah-LISS-ee-ah."

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Alicia Popularity

Famous People Named Alicia

  • Alicia Keys (born Alicia Augello Cook) American singersongwriter
  • Alicia SilverstoneAmerican actress
  • Alicia Fox (born Victoria Elizabeth Crawford)American pro wrestler
  • Alicia Christian "Jodie" FosterAmerican actress
  • Alicia BanitAustralian actress
  • Alicia Maria Teresa Francesca Luisa Pia Anna ValeriaPrincess of Bourbon,Parma; Infanta of Spain; Duchess of Calabria
  • Alicia Jayne CouttsAustralian Olympic swimmer
  • Alicia Marie SacramoneAmerican Olympic gymnast
  • Alicia BridgesAmerican pop singer
  • Alicia SucherAmerican actress
  • Alicia Markova (born Lilian Alicia Marks)English ballerina
  • (Yoseph) Alicia MachadoVenezuelan beauty queen; Miss Universe 1996
  • Alicia Amanda VikanderSwedish actress
  • Alicia Linda "Lecy" GoransonAmerican actress
  • Alicia LaganoAmerican actress
  • Alicia CoppolaAmerican actress
  • Alicia MolikAustralian tennis player
  • Alicia KozamehArgentine novelist
  • Alicia Nicole WebbAmerican pro wrestler
  • Alicia Roanne WittAmerican actress
  • Alicia MortonAmerican actress
  • (Martha) Alicia VillarrealMexican singer
  • Alicia QuirkAustralian rugby player
  • Alicia AlonsoCuban ballerina

Alicia in Pop Culture

  • Alicia Florrickmain character on TV's "The Good Wife"
  • Alicia Alarconcharacter on TV's "Grand Hotel"
  • Alicia Riveracharacter in The Clique series
  • Alicia Billingtoncharacter in book/film "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
  • Alicia Spinnetminor character in the Harry Potter series
  • Alicia Johnscharacter from Enid Blyton's Malory Towers
  • Alicia DeGasariocharacter in film "Drive Me Crazy"
  • Aliciamain character in video game "Bullet Witch"
  • Aliciamain character in video game "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria"
  • Alicia Alcottcharacter in the "All About Us" series
  • Aliciacharacter in film "School of Rock"
  • Alicia Bakercharacter on TV's "Smallville"
  • Alicia Botticharacter on animated series "Thomas the Tank Engine"
  • Alicia Fennelcharacter on TV's "Veronica Mars"
  • Alicia Masterscharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Alicia Testarossacharacter in anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha"
  • Alicia Florencecharacter in manga "Aria"
  • Alicia Melchiottmain character in video game "Valkyria Chronicles"
  • Alicia McGuirecharacter in the "Power of Five" series
  • Aliciadaughter of Inés in Spanish film "Goya's Ghosts"
  • "Alicia's Diary" short story by Thomas Hardy
  • Alicia Clarkcharacter in "Fear the Walking Dead"
  • Alicia "Al" Lambertcharacter on Hit ABC TGIF Sitcom "Step by Step"
  • called "Al" most of the time