Variation of Aleeza or Alizee, Hebrew or French
"joy or wind"

Alize Origin and Meaning

The name Alize is a girl's name meaning "joy or wind".

Alize feels like a blend of Alice and Eliza but it's not related to either of those names, rather to the more unusual (in the US, at least) Aleeza, a Hebrew name meaning joy, or Alizee, a French name meaning wind, or the related Alizeh, a Persian name that also means wind. The final e can take an accent, which might elucidate pronunciation, but English speakers are sure to be confused.

# 953 in the US

Alize Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Alize

  • Alizé CornetFrench tennis player
  • Alizé LimFrench tennis player
  • Alize Lily MounterMiss England 2011
  • (Alize) Espiridiona Cenda aka ChiquitaCuban dwarf performer

Alize in Pop Culture

  • Alizébrand of alcoholic beverages