Latin, female form of Lucretius, meaning unknown

Lucretia Origin and Meaning

The name Lucretia is a girl's name of Latin origin.

A pretty and plausible Latin name that's gotten a bad rap through the years via a link to Lucrezia Borgia, who, though long considered a demon poisoner, was actually a patron of learning and the arts.

Lucretia is a U.S. First Lady name, borne by the wife of President James A. Garfield; a worthy namesake is Lucretia Mott, a Quaker abolitionist, and peace and women's rights advocate.

In the Harry Potter saga, Lucretia Black Prewett is a pure-blood witch.

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Lucretia Popularity

Famous People Named Lucretia

  • Lucretia Garfieldformer First Lady of the U.S. as wife of President James Garfield
  • Lucretia Peabody HaleAmerican author and journalist
  • Lucretia MottAmerican feminist and abolitionist
  • Lucretia Newman ColemanCanadian,American author and journalist
  • Lucretia Maria DavidsonAmerican poet
  • Lucretia Breazeale HamiltonAmerican Southwest botanical illustrator; inspiration for a willow cultivar

Lucretia in Pop Culture

  • Lucretiathe wife of the Roman Collatinus: rape victim and suicide in Roman legend
  • Lucretia Toxcharacter in "Dombey and Son" by Charles Dickens
  • Lucretia Prewettaunt of Sirius Black in the "Harry Potter" series
  • LucretiaBatiatus' wife, character on TV's "Spartacus"
  • Lucretia Colonnaprincess whom Lord Monmouth (Harry Coningsby's grandfather) marries in "Coningsby" (1844) by Benjamin Disraeli
  • Lucretiacharacter in Barbara Cartland's book "The Bored Bridegroom"
  • Lucretia Yewbeamcharacter in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
  • "Lucretia My Reflection" song by English band The Sisters of Mercy
  • Lucretiaalso known as the Director, in the podcast The Adventure Zone
  • Lucrezia Noincharacter from the anime "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing"