Egyptian place-name, Arabic
"the conquerer"

Cairo Origin and Meaning

The name Cairo is a boy's name meaning "the conquerer".

Cairo is an exciting place name possibility with upbeat o ending. It debuted in the US Top 1000 in 2015 and keeps heading upward.

Cairo owes its sudden popularity to its choice by rapper Tyga for his son King Cairo's middle name. And Brazilian place kicker Cairo Santos helped popularize the name when he joined the Chicago Bears football team. Santos is named for his father, also Cairo.

Another influence propelling Cairo up the ladder: the popularity of the name Kai. And Cai could certainly be a nickname for Cairo.

# 333 in the US

Cairo Rank in US Top 1000

Cairo Popularity

Famous People Named Cairo

  • King Cairo Stevensonson of American rapper "Tyga"
  • Cairo SantosAmerican Football Player

Cairo in Pop Culture

  • Means "victorious" part of full Arabic name meaning "Mars the victorious," Mars being visible when city was founded
  • Keirofrom the young,adult novel "Incarceron"