French variation of Anthony
"priceless one"

Antoine Origin and Meaning

The name Antoine is a boy's name of French origin meaning "priceless one".

Antoine is a venerable French name that is still stylish in its native habitat, where it is in the Top 30. In the US, it was most popular in the 1970s and '80s, reaching Number 262 in 1985.

There have been a number of eminent namesakes, including French Rococo painter Antoine Watteau; aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of the childhood classic, Le Petit Prince; and movie director Antoine Fuqua, as well as a number of outstanding athletes.

Phonetic spellings Antwon and Antwan have also been used.

Antoine is the real name of jazz pianist and singer Fats Domino.

# 1000 in the US

Antoine Rank in US Top 1000

Antoine Popularity

Famous People Named Antoine

  • AntoineLaurent de Lavoisier, French chemist
  • Antoine Marie JeanBaptiste Roger de Saint,Exupéry, French children's novelist and aviator
  • Antoine FuquaAmerican film director
  • (Emile) Antoine BourdelleFrench sculptor
  • Antoine Reed aka Sir Michael RocksAmerican rapper
  • Antoine Marie Joseph "Antonin" ArtaudFrench poet and playwright
  • Antoine Charles Louis de LasalleFrench general in the Napoleonic Wars
  • Antoine GriezmannFrench footballer
  • Antoine VitezFrench actor and director
  • AntoineFrançois Momoro, French revolutionary printer
  • Antoine Brandon CasonAmerican football player
  • Antoine Duane WinfieldAmerican football player
  • Antoine CaldwellAmerican football player
  • Antoine Akeem BetheaAmerican football player
  • Antoine Devon WalkerAmerican basketball player
  • (Kevin) Antoine DodsonAmerican internet celebrity
  • (Jean)Antoine Watteau, French painter
  • (Joseph)Antoine le Fèbvre, sieur de La Barre, French lawyer and governor of New France
  • MarcAntoine Charpentier, French composer

Antoine in Pop Culture

  • Antoine D'CooletteSonic the Hedgehog's ally in the Archie comics series
  • Antoine Gourmandcharacter on TV series "Early Edition"
  • Antoine Triplettcharacter on Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D"
  • Antoine Merriweathercharacter in the "Men On..." sketch on TV's "In Living Color"