French surname, meaning unknown

Dior Origin and Meaning

The name Dior is a boy's name .

Dior was among the fastest-rising names for both girls and boys in the US in the early 2020s, but was the fastest-falling name for boys in the 2023 statistics.

Its connection to French luxury designer and brand Christian Dior makes it an aspirational fashion name, a group that for several years was hot and now is less so. The name Chanel also fell in 2023.

The etymology of Dior is uncertain, but it is speculated to derive from the French d'or, meaning "of gold."

# 840 in the US

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Dior Popularity

Famous People Named Dior

  • Dior Derricoson of Karen and Deon Derrico; “triplin” featured on TLC’s ‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’