Modern invented name
"round; or, barrel"

Kayden Origin and Meaning

The name Kayden is a boy's name of Aboriginal origin.

This member of the aden/ayden extended family is a popular choice not only in the US but across the pond in England, Wales and Scotland as well. Angie Everhart has a son named Kayden Bobby.

Although Kayden in this spelling has been hovering around the Top 100 in the US for several years, with all spellings considered it's much more popular than that. According to our Playground Analysis for 2022, Kayden in all forms ranks among the Top 15 boy names.

What does that mean? No matter how you spell it, if you yell Kayden in the playground, it's likely that more than one little boy will come running.

# 114 in the US

Kayden Rank in US Top 1000

# 925 on Nameberry

Kayden Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Kayden Popularity

Famous People Named Kayden

  • Kayden StephensonAmerican singer and Viner
  • Kayden William TroffAmerican junior chess champion
  • Kayden BocheFrench actor/model
  • Kayden JacksonEnglish footballer
  • Kayden Bobby Everhart (b. 2009)son of actress/model Angie Everhart
  • Kayden Cash Sierra (b. 2009)son of singer Jessica Sierra
  • Kay'den Elijah Hegab (b. 2010)son of Kianna Randall and Zak Hegab of TV's "16 and Pregnant"
  • Kayden Wong (b. 2011)son of actor Raymond Wong
  • Kayden Pouncey (b. 2013)son of NFL player Mike Pouncey
  • Kayden James Michael Davis (b. 2013)son of Millina Kacmar and Trevor Davis of TV's "16 and Pregnant"