Italian diminutive of Nicholas, Greek
"people of victory"

Nico Origin and Meaning

The name Nico is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "people of victory".

Nico is one of the great nickname names, full of charm, energy and effortless cool -- a neo Nick.

Nico is commonly heard in Italy -- as a short form of Niccolo -- and also in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Spanish-speaking countries.

As a unisex nickname name, Nico is associated with the German-born single-named Velvet Underground singer (nee Christa) promoted by Andy Warhol. And Nico Reilly was one of the female leads on the TV series Lipstick Jungle. But over 90% of the American babies named Nico are boys.

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Nico Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Nico Popularity

Famous People Named Nico

  • Nico Cristian MirallegroBritish actor
  • Nico Erik RosbergFinnish,German racing driver
  • Nicolas "Nico" HulkenbergGerman racing driver
  • Nico JacksonBritish financier
  • Nico Louis LierschGerman actor
  • Nico TortorellaAmerican actor
  • Ñico (born Antonio Mariño Souto)Cuban painter
  • Nico "Nicky" Charisseson of actress and dancer Cyd Charisse
  • Nico DiMarcobrother of model and reality TV personality Nyle DiMarco
  • Nico Coyneson of singer,songwriter Kevin Coyne
  • Nicolas "Nico" Marley (b. 1995)American NFL player; son of former CFL player Rohan Marley; grandson of singer Bob Marley
  • Nico Rockwell (b. 2007)son of director Alexandre Rockwell and actress Karyn Parsons
  • Nico (b. 2007)son of actress Andrea Navedo
  • Nico Jones (b. 2012)son of footballer Brad Jones
  • Dominic "Nico" Lopez (b. 2013)son of actor Mario Lopez
  • Nicodemus León "Nico" DiMarco (b. 2015)son of Christian singer Kristene DiMarco
  • Nico SchulzGerman footballer
  • Nico SantosGerman,Spanish singer, songwriter and producer

Nico in Pop Culture

  • Nico Machiavellicharacter on TV's "Da Vinci's Demons"
  • Nico Harrischaracter on TV's "Sonny With A Chance" and "So Random"
  • Nico Toscanicharacter in film "Above the Law"
  • Nicocharacter from "Another Gay Movie"
  • Nico/Nic/Pablo/Nick Jessopcharacter in the TV series "extr@"
  • "Nico" Spanish animated series and its main character
  • Nico di Angelocharacter in Rick Riordan's book series'
  • Nico Nico Chorus on YouTube
  • "Nico And The Niners" song by twenty one pilots

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