Arabic, Hebrew
"flourishing, thriving; eloquent"

Omar Origin and Meaning

The name Omar is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "flourishing, thriving; eloquent".

Omar has a perfect mix of unusuality and familiarity, with the added plus of a strong, open initial O. Commonly used among Muslim families, Omar was long associated with twelfth-century Persian poet Omar Khayyam, though it sounds anything but ancient now.

More recent well-known bearers have been World War II General Omar Bradley and actors Omar Sharif(born Michael) and Omar Epps.

Omar is also mentioned in the Old Testament book of Genesis.

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Omar Popularity

Famous People Named Omar

  • Omar Khayyampolymath poet, physician, philosopher, mathematician
  • Omar Sharif (born Michel Dimitri Chalhoub)Egyptian actor
  • Omar Hashim EppsAmerican actor
  • Omar RodríguezLópez, American guitarist
  • Omar BrownAmerican football player
  • Omar BoldenAmerican football player
  • Omar GaitherAmerican football player
  • Omar GonzalezAmerican soccer player
  • Omar SalgadoAmerican soccer player
  • Omar GoodingAmerican actor/rapper
  • Omar Borkan Al GalaEmirati poet, actor and photographer

Omar in Pop Culture

  • Omar Littlecharacter in TV show "The Wire"
  • Omar Strongcharacter in Jill Williamson's "The Safe Lands" trilogy
  • Omar Shanaacharacter in Netflix TV Show "Elite"