Baby Name Jack: Hitting the jackpot

You’re considering the name Jack. You like it because it’s less formal than John, less trendy than Jackson. It has a nickname feel, yet stands solidly on its own, a diminutive that has become a classic in itself. And because a Jack can be anything.
But which kind of anything would your Jack be? There are so many conceivable role models he might follow, good and not-quite-so-good. Here are some of the many possibilities, both real and fictional and how he might turn out if he followed their lead.

Jack Sprat

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As a result of your excellent training, he will be super conscious of good nutrition, eating virtually no fat--though you’ll have to talk to him about those table manners! But still better than emulating Little Jack Horner, sitting in the corner, or the Jack exhausting himself climbing up that interminable beanstalk or the one schlepping up the hill with Jill.

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