The Cutest Celebrity Baby Names

The Cutest Celebrity Baby Names

Cute celebrity baby names are having a moment. Singer and YouTube star Rydel Funk recently revealed her daughter's name to be Sweetie Mary, which is so cute, some have accused it of being cloying.

Model Jessica Hart got similar criticism after naming her daughter Baby-Rae in 2020, as did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they named their baby Lilibet Diana.

What makes cute names so cute? It's an imperfect science, but here are some factors that make names cuter:

Cute Imagery

Baby names associated with cute things are automatically more adorable. You might look for nature names that are especially cute, such as Daisy, Bear, and Moon. Another option is names related to things that are small, as in Teddy, Dot, and Elvie.


Nicknames are almost always cuter than full names, which is part of their appeal. A nickname can transform a serious, formal name into an adorable and approachable form, like Maggie does to Margaret, or Sam does to Samuel. Other nicknames include terms of endearment, like rising choices Buddy, Sonny, and Honey.

Repeating Sounds

There's something about names with repeating sounds that sound so cute to our ears. These names are often nicknames, but parents are increasingly putting choices like Coco, Gigi, and Vivi on the birth certificate.

Alliteration — whether between first and middle names or first and last names — is another common strategy to make names cuter.

"EE" Endings

The upturned "EE" ending of names like Amari, Charlie, and Ellie is undeniably cute. Diminutives of longer names often have this structure — Penny comes from Penelope, Ollie comes from Oliver — but plenty of cute standalone names end with the "EE" sound as well (think Brady, Lucy, and Finley).

There are so many recent celebrity baby names with incredible cute-factor, we wanted to highlight our favorites here.

Below, the cutest celebrity baby names from 2020 to today.

Cute Baby Girl Names and Cute Baby Boy Names

Baby-Rae — Jessica Hart & James Kirkham

Blossom Pearl — Scarlet Byrne & Cooper Hefner

Bluesy Belle — Mia & Darren Criss

Buddy Prine — Meredith Hagner & Wyatt Russell

Cassie Snow — Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard

Champie Arizona — Ty Haney & Mark Wystrach

Daisy Dove — Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

Dorothy Lavender — Kiley Casciano & Matthew Davis

Edith Pepper — Abby Elliott & Billy Kennedy

Eloise Judy Bear — Katy Tur & Tony Dokoupil

Goldie Brooklyn — Valerie Pitalo & Burt Jenner

Honey James — Sadie Robertson & Christian Huff

Ira Dorothy — Molly Yeh & Nick Hagen

Kaori Mai — Eniko & Kevin Hart

Lady Francis — Alessandra Torresani & Sturgis Adams

Lilibet Diana — Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Lillie Carolina — Lauren Akins & Thomas Rhett

Lovely Symphani — Diamond & Chris Brown

Lucky Levi — Elle King & Dan Tooker

Maisy Joanne — Colleen Ballinger & Erik Stocklin

Milou Alizée — Tessa & Barron Hilton

Navy Bea — Arielle & Brandon Charnas

Pepper Lynn — Christina & Frankie Ballard

Prairie Moon — Teresa Palmer & Mark Webber

Rennie David — Katharine McPhee & David Foster

Rue Rose — Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert

Rumi Ray — Freida Pinto & Cory Tran

Sophie Jo — Rachel Platten & Kevin Lazan

Sunny Cinco — Cassie & Alex Fine

Sweetie Mary — Rydel & Capron Funk

Violet Betty — Lance Bass & Michael Turchin

Willie Jacquet — Michelle Branch & Patrick Carney

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