Rock ‘n’ Roll Names: the Legends Live On!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Names: the Legends Live On!

Rock ‘n’ roll baby names channel the spirit of 1960s and 70s music: modern, youthful, and above all, cool.

This era was an exciting time for music. It saw the rise of an edgier, groovier style of songs that drew young people together, played by charismatic artists who attracted screaming fans.

It’s gone down in history as the classic rock era, and it’s a mood many parents want to capture in a baby name. From iconic surnames like Lennon and Hendrix to subtle choices from lyrics like Lola and Sadie, these names could honor a favorite artist, a special song, or just the whole rock 'n' roll aesthetic.

For even more inspiration, read our full list of classic rock baby names.

Rock Legend Names

Recent years have seen a boom in modern hero names, including music icons. Some rockstars have unmistakeable first names, like Elvis and Buddy, but many parents are using last names as first names to honor music legends: after all, Lennon and Bowie are much fresher and of-the-moment than John and David.

Here are some of the coolest names inspired by rock musicians and bands.

Names From Songs

The classic rock ‘n’ rollers used a huge number of melodic names, mostly female, in their music. Some were at the height of popularity then but feel dated now — sorry, Carol and Donna, it’s not comeback time yet — but others are evergreen classics or way ahead of the trends. We dare you to read this list without breaking into song!

Names From Songs, A to L

Althea (Grateful Dead)

Annabella (Wicked Annabella, The Kinks)

Athena (The Who)

Aubrey (Bread)

Caroline (Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond)

Cecilia (Cecilia, Simon and Garfunkel)

Colette (Billy Fury)

Crimson and Clover (Joan Jett)

Daisy (Daisy Jane, America)

Deirdre (The Beach Boys)

Delilah (Beautiful Delilah, Chuck Berry; Tom Jones)

Eleanor (Eleanor Rigby, The Beatle)

Eloise (Dear Eloise, The Hollies)

Emily (For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her, Simon and Garfunkel)

Irene (Little Richard)

Ivy (Poison Ivy, The Hollies)

Jane (Jane, Jefferson Airplane)

Johnny (Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry)

Josephine (Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders; Ride on Josephine, George Thorogood)

Jude (Hey Jude, The Beatles)

Katy (Johnny Cash)

Layla (Eric Clapton)

Leah (Ah Leah!, Donnie Iris)

Lily (Pictures of Lily, The Who; Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Bob Dylan)

Lola (The Kinks)

Lorelei (Lorelei, Styx)

Lucy (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, The Beatles)

Names From Songs, M to Z

Maggie (Maggie May, Rod Stewart)

Marcella (The Beach Boys)

Margo (Billy Fury)

Marianne (Cliff Richard)

Maybellene (Chuck Berry)

Molly (Little Richard)

Nadine (Chuck Berry)

Natalia (Natalia, Joan Baez)

Ophelia (Ophelia, The Band)

Peggy (Peggy Sue, Buddy Holly)

Prudence (Dear Prudence, The Beatles)

Ramona (Chuck Berry)

Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)

Rhonda (Help Me, Rhonda, The Beach Boys)

Rosalie (Mobile Bay, Johnny Cash; Thin Lizzy)

Rosanna (Johnny Cash)

Rosemary (Little Richard; Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Bob Dylan)

Ruby (Ruby Tuesday, Rolling Stones)

Sadie (Sexy Sadie, The Beatles)

Sally (Long Tall Sally, The Kinks; Sally Ann, Joe Brown)

Sara (Bob Dylan)

Susannah (Susannah’s Still Alive, The Kinks)

Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo, Bob Dylan and The Hollies)

Veronica (Elvis Costello)

Virginia (Only the Good Die Young, Billy Joel)

Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll Names

If you love the rock vibe but don’t want to honor anyone particular, try these names inspired by music, instruments, and iconic places.

Looking for more? Read our list of classic rock baby names.

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