100 Best Sci-Fi Names for Children

100 Best Sci-Fi Names for Children

Sci-fi baby names are about much more than wacky inventions and unpronounceable alien words. In fact, some of the most memorable science fiction characters have very ordinary, classic names. Think Luke Skywalker, James T. Kirk, Sarah Connor, Amy Pond.

Other sci-fi names are more unconventional, whether they’re long-neglected gems, newly-minted names, or come from sources like classical mythology and international languages. Many parents also love these styles, so it’s no surprise that sci-fi characters have influenced baby names.

One example is Trinity. In the 1990s this name began to creep up in popularity, but after The Matrix came out in 1999, Trinity shot up from 400 girls to 4000 girls in two years, a forerunner of the trend for modern Christian names.

It was a similar story for Logan when the first X-Men film was released: Hugh Jackman’s character boosted a name that was already rising.

For the right name, parents are willing to take a gamble on brand new names, even before they know if the character will turn out to be good and bad. That’s what happened with Star Wars villain name Kylo, which rose from virtually nothing, to being given to over 200 boys the year after The Force Awakens was released.

If you’re looking for a name that nods to sci-fi, this list is for you. We’ve chosen a wide variety of names and styles from some of the most popular shows, films and books. They range from subtle sci-fi references to ones that scream out “my parents are Trekkies”, and would all fit into today’s naming landscape.

Our Top 100 Sci-Fi baby names

Aeryn — Farscape

Alia — Dune

Amelia — Doctor Who

Anakin — Star Wars

Apollo — Battlestar Galactica

Archer — Star Trek

Ariadne — Inception

Arthur — The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Astrid — Fringe

Atreyu — The Neverending Story

Ayala — Star Trek

Bastian — The Neverending Story

Ben — Star Wars

Bernard — Westworld

Bodhi — Star Wars

Boomer — Battlestar Galactica

Bowman — 2001: A Space Odyssey

Cassian — Star Wars

Castor — Orphan Black

Clara — Doctor Who

Cosima — Orphan Black

Damaya — The Fifth Season

Deckard — Blade Runner

Delphine — Orphan Black

Duncan — Dune

Eames — Inception

Eleven — Stranger Things

Elliott — E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Emmett — Back to the Future

Ender — Ender’s Game

Evie — Orphan Black

Felix — Orphan Black

Finn — Star Wars

Fisher — Star Wars

Fox — The X-Files

Freya — Stargate

Gaius — Battlestar Galactica

Geordi — Star Trek

Gordon — Flash Gordon

Helena — Orphan Black

Hermes — Futurama

Ianto — Torchwood

Ira — Orphan Black

Isaac — Isaac Asimov, author

Jack — Doctor Who

Janek — Prometheus

Jaylah — Star Trek

Jean-Luc — Star Trek

Jetson — The Jetsons

Jonas — Stargate

Joss — writer Joss Whedon

Kaylee — Firefly

Khan — Star Trek

Kira — Star Trek, Orphan Black

Kirk — Star Trek

Korben — The Fifth Element

Kylo — Star Wars

Lando — Star Wars

Leela — Doctor Who, Futurama

Leia — Star Wars

Leland — Star Trek

Logan — X-Men

Luke — Star Wars

Mace — Star Wars

Malcolm — Firefly

Maxine — Stranger Things

Mika — Orphan Black

Monty — Firefly

Morpheus — The Matrix

Nalo — author Nalo Hopkinson

Neo — The Matrix

Nova — Guardians of the Galaxy

Nyota — Star Trek

Octavia — author Octavia Estelle Butler

Poe — Star Wars

Quill — Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men

Rey — Star Wars

Ridley — director Ridley Scott

Ripley — Alien

River — Firefly, Doctor Who

Rory — Doctor Who

Rose — Doctor Who

Rudy — Orphan Black

Shepherd — Firefly

Solo — Star Wars

Stark — Farscape, Iron Man

Tanith — Stargate; author Tanith Lee

Terra — common sci-fi name for planet Earth

Tiberius — Star Trek

Trinity — The Matrix

Ursula — author Ursula K. Le Guin

Vala — Stargate

Vina — Star Trek

Wade — X-Men

Winry — Fullmetal Alchemist

Xavier — X-Men

Xena — Xena: Warrior Princess

Yusuf — Inception

Zhora — Blade Runner

Zoe — Firefly, Caprica, Doctor Who

Find even more inspiration on our list of Sci-Fi Baby Names.

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