Brother Names

Brother Names

Choosing the right brother names involves striking the right balance. Ideally, brother names should be coordinated in a clear way — such as style or origin — but you want the names to be distinctive, so the brother set doesn’t feel too matchy.

Looking for brother names with similar style is a safe route to a great sibset. But questions remain! Do you want your sons to share an initial or have their own letters? Should the sibling names be traditional choices or modern coinages? Unisex or firmly masculine? Names that are popular, one-of-a-kind, or somewhere in the middle? The list goes on!

Finding brother names can be complicated, but don’t worry — we’ve identified top brother names from the popularity charts, along with unique sets of brother names and our favorite celebrity examples:

Popular Brother Names

Popular names for brothers are as striking in the set as they are on their own. Some pairs share sounds, such as Bennett and Brooks. Others connect along subtler themes, such as Kai and Leo, which both have nature ties, or Asher and Levi, which are featured in the Old Testament.

All these combinations align on style, which is the factor that can singlehandedly create a great set of brother names. Cohesive style is what makes brother names sound like they belong together. Names like Declan and Daniel have some similarities, but Declan and Everett are a better match because they are stylistically coordinated.

The top brother names rank within the US Top 100. These are among the best combinations for brothers:

Adrian & Ezekiel

Alexander & Benjamin

Asher & Levi

Bennett & Brooks

Christopher & Matthew

Colton & Cooper

Elijah & Isaiah

Jackson & Jayden

Julian & Sebastian

Kai & Leo

Leonardo & Santiago

Logan & Wyatt

Luca & Mateo

Miles & Wesley

Oliver & Theodore

Unique Brother Names

Unique brother names adhere to the same conventions as popular brother names. Some sets have similar sounds, such as Baldwin and Booker, Laith and Lev. Others have a subtle theme connecting the names, including Kit and Lux, which are three-letter unisex names. But most importantly, all of these pairs are good style matches.

The potential combinations of unique names for brothers are endless, but we’ve identified our favorites from outside of the Top 1000:

Archibald & Montgomery

Arrow & Cedar

Baldwin & Booker

Boaz & Jethro

Cortez & Santos

Emrys & Stellan

Faris & Rami

Fitz & Gus

Hollis & Robin

Kit & Rafe

Laith & Lev

Lazaro & Marcello

Prescott & Townes

Renzo & Taj

Zephyr & Wolf

Best Celebrity Brother Names

Celebrity brother names offer real-life examples of coordinated names for boys. Benedict Cumberbatch’s sons Kit, Hal, and Finn each have a single-syllable name or nickname, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Saint and Psalm were given short and spiritual names.

These are some of our favorite celebrity examples of brother names:

August Philip Hawke & Ernest George Ronnie — Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank

Beckett Mercer & Sullivan Louis — Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita

Boomer Robert, Beckett Richard & Maverick Nicholas — Nicole Johnson & Michael Phelps

Bowie Ezio, Cy Aridio & Zen — Zoe Saldaña & Marco Perego

Christopher CarltonKit,” Hal Auden & Finn — Sophie & Benedict Cumberbatch

Flynn, Hart & Myles — Miranda Kerr

Isaac, Malachi & Roman — Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin

Phineas & Silas Randall — Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Rafa & Rocco — Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale

Saint & Psalm — Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Sasha & Tristan — Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth

Wyatt Morgan & Sebastian Luke — Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani

What would you name brothers — or what are your sons named? Join the discussion on our forums.

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