Brother Names: What are your favorites?

Brother Names: What are your favorites?

One of our favorite fantasies here on Nameberry is to name imaginary families. Today’s challenge: Tell us what brother names you’d choose for two sons.

A classic pair like Henry and William? Or a stylish duo such as Sebastian and Jasper?

Two boy names with matching initials? Traditional family names, or maybe a modern androgynous pair?

And how do your feelings about raising boys and boy name trends today factor into your decision?

To provide you with some inspiration, we’ve compiled popular brother name sets from the official US Top 50, as well as unique names for brothers, featuring suggestions from our Berries:

Popular Brother Names

Popular names for brothers are those that are matched in style, sound, or theme. However, well-matched sibling names shouldn’t be confusing – Levi and Luke is a better set than Luke and Duke.

Sets like Asher and Noah, which are both names from the Old Testament, or Benjamin and Theodore, which have the same cadence and number of syllables, are among our favorite brother names from the US Top 50:

Andrew & Matthew

Asher & Noah

Benjamin & Theodore

Carter & Wyatt

Elijah & Isaac

Henry & Lucas

Jack & Owen

Leo & Matteo

Levi & Luke

Oliver & William

Unique Brother Names

There are endless combinations of unique names for brothers. The same rules apply — the names should be coordinated, but not overly so. Our list contains real-life brother sets from our Berries as well as our own suggestions:

Angus & Edmund

Atticus & Leonidas

Balthazar & Solomon

Bodhi & River

Cruz & Renzo

Cyrus & Orion

Emilio & Luciano

Ezra & Jude

Field & Springer

Leland & Tate

If you were the parent of two sons, what would you name them, and why?

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