Popular Twin Names

Popular Twin Names

Popular twin names used to appear on the Social Security top baby names site, but alas, no more.

But while there hasn’t been hard data on the top twin names in the US for a decade, we can extrapolate from the 2010 twin names data to make some educated  guesses.

Looking at the top baby names 2020, what are the most compatible names for twins we could find? We put together the top twin girl names, twin boy names, and popular names for boy-girl twins.

If you’re looking to name a set of twins and want to choose popular names, here are some contemporary ideas.

Popular Twin Girl Names

The top girl names offer a lot of opportunities for playing with the same first initials, similar sounds, and matching styles and gender identities. Emma and Ella are both sleek, simple vintage names, while Isabella and Gabriella are elaborate Latinate feminine choices and Harper and Avery are a gender neutral pair.

There are popular names for twin girls are all drawn from the Top 50 and will suit many different tastes

Emma and Ella

Olivia and Sophia

Isabella and Gabriella

Ava and Aria

Mia and Mila

Charlotte and Elizabeth

Amelia and Eliana

Harper and Avery

Luna and Layla

Victoria and Penelope

Evelyn and Eleanor

Addison and Aubrey

Scarlett and Stella

Hazel and Violet

Lily and Leah

Savannah and Brooklyn

Chloe and Claire

Riley and Skylar

Popular Twin Boy Names

Twin boy names from the Top 50 include traditional masculine pairs, gender neutral names that work for twin boys, and newer more stylish names for boys.

Here, some of the most popular twin names for boys.

Liam and Leo

Noah and Isaac

William and James

Jacob and Jackson

Daniel and David

Ethan and Nathan

Elijah and Isaiah

Michael and Matthew

Alexander and  Henry

Mason and Logan

Sebastian and Julian

Aiden and Asher

Levi and Lincoln

Owen and Oliver

Dylan and Wyatt

Gabriel and Raphael

Theodore and Leo

Jack and Luke

John and Thomas

Popular Girl-Boy Twin Names

With names for girl-boy twins, you can get more creative in the Top 50, sidestepping overly-matchy pairs like Olivia and Oliver or Natalie and Nathan for more creative suggestions that might prove just as compatible.

We chose some names with the same starting letter but we also looked for names with a similar feel and style — a vintage pair, say, or two nicknames like Ellie and Jack.

Emma and Liam

Nora and Noah

Olivia and Owen 

Ava and Aiden

Isabella and Isaiah

Sophia and Sebastian

Charlotte and Henry

Mia and Mason

Amelia and Elijah

Harper and Logan

Evelyn and Alexander

Abigail and Jacob

Emily and Michael

Elizabeth and James

Mila and Levi

Aurora and Asher

Lillian and Lincoln

Ellie and Jack

Aurora and Asher

If you were naming twins and your choices were limited to the Top 50 most popular names, what would you choose for each type of pair? What should we add to the list?

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