October Baby Names Spook and Delight

October Baby Names Spook and Delight

October names reflect the crispness of the autumn season. Perhaps an Autumn name is exactly what you’re looking for, or even a Halloween name, for fans of all things spooky.

You may be inspired by the symbolism of the month, such as the opal birthstone and marigold flower, as well as October’s zodiac signs, Libra and Scorpio. Beyond Halloween, other October holidays, such as Indigenous People’s Day, may lead you to consider one of the lovely Native American names if you have Indigenous heritage.

If you’re going to welcome a baby in October, consult our guide to naming October babies to find the perfect name for your little one.

Top October Names

The most popular October name for boys is Jack, as in the Jack-O-Lantern, a symbol of Halloween. For girls, the most popular is Hazel, for the green-brown hue that is evocative of the Autumn season. Speaking of Autumn, it’s the most common season name for babies, ranking at Number 71.

Harmony and Justice are two names to consider if you’re expecting a child during the first part of the month when the Sun is in Libra. The Libra zodiac sign is symbolized by scales, which represent both justice and harmony.

October and Octavia are derived from the Latin root octo, meaning “eight,” as October was the eighth month of the Roman calendar. Octavia is a wonderful choice any time of year, but perhaps especially during the month of October.

Here, October names within the US Top 800.

Popular October Names

October Girl Names

October symbolism inspires many options for girl names. October’s flower is the calendula, or Marigold, which is on the rise in the US. It’s a feminine and playful name, especially with the nickname Goldie.

Opal is the birthstone for October and has traveled quickly up the charts as a baby name. After its reemergence in the Top 1000 in 2017, Opal is already ranking at Number 525 among babies born in 2022. With all its vintage charm, Opal might one day give Ruby a run for her money.

Namesake-worthy women with October birthdays include actresses Kate Winslet (October 5) and Neve Campbell (October 3), and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11).

Best October Girl Names

October Boy Names

October boy names include many Halloween-themed baby names, such as Casper (the Friendly Ghost), Freddy (Kruger), and Cullen (as in Edward, vampire from Twilight). You may also recognize two Dracula-related names — Bram, as in Bram Stoker, the author of the book, and Bela, in honor of Bela Lugosi, who portrayed Dracula onscreen and was also born this month.

Other notable October-born men include South African human-rights activist Desmond Tutu (October 7), poet John Keats (October 31), and Jonas Salk (October 28), who developed the polio vaccine.

Best October Boy Names

Unique October Names

The Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio on October 23rd, so if your child is born during the last week of the month, you may want to consider one of unique Scorpio names These include Scorpio itself, but also Ishhara and Selket, two goddess names associated with scorpions.

The second Monday in October is Indigenous People’s Day in the US. With few exceptions, many Native American names are quite rare. If you have Indigenous heritage, you may wish to consider a name from your tribe. Halona, Pavati, and Shada are among the many wonderful options for girls, while Quanah, Nakos, and Hakan make our list for boys.

Quirky saints’ names are abundant, so if you’re looking for a rare choice for your October-born baby, you’re in luck. Try Aurea, Faustina, or the golden-hued Flavia for a daughter, and Zenobius, Viator, or the especially autumnal Crispin for a son.

These unique names were given to fewer than 40 babies in 2022, according to official government records. Here, 20 unique October names:

Unique Names for October Babies

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