Boy Names That Start With J

Boy Names That Start With J

Boy names that start with J have led the US popular baby names list since naming records began in 1880.

The classic James is currently the top J name for boys in the US and also heads up the list of all-time most popular boys' names. Another J name, Jacob, held the Number 1 spot in the US for the first decade of this century.

Along with James and Jacob, J names for boys in the current US Top 50 include Jackson, Joseph, John, Jack, Jayden, Julian, Jaxon, and Joshua. The favorite J name for boys among Nameberry visitors is Jasper.

Internationally, Jules is the top J name for boys in France, Jesse reigns in The Netherlands, and Javier is the most popular J boy name in Spain.

Two of the most classic J names for boys, James and John, head up the list of the most popular baby names for boys born in the 20th century, and no fewer than nine more — from Jeffrey to Justin to Jacob — join them in the all-time Top 50.

The J initial is also a great place to start if you're looking for a unique baby boy name, such as Jupiter or Jericho, Justus or Journey.

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