Top 100 Boy Names of 2013

Top 100 Boy Names of 2013

Asher is back on top!  The hot biblical name has reclaimed the crown as Number One boys’ name from Finn, which snatched it last year.

Declan, an Irish choice that flirted with the Number One spot on Nameberry throughout 2013, finished at Number Two.

Finn’s star may be flickering, but waiting in the wings is Finn‘s understudy Flynn, another Irish name that was brought to widespread notice by the young son of supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom.

Our popularity lists are tabulated by ranking the unique page views each name attracts out of the over 20 million total views of our baby name pages in 2013.

Boy name trends we extrapolate from our 2013 popularity list:

–While stalwarts such as Henry and James still place, softer boys’ names dominate.  These include names that end in vowels such as Milo, Ezra, and Levi; names with soft sounds such as Jasper, Silas, and Sebastian; and names that relate to fashionable girls’ names such as Julian and Everett.

–Parents are looking for boys’ names that combine deep roots with an unconventional modern style.  Ancient Roman names turned hip favorites Atticus and August are prime examples of this, along with biblical names such as Jude and Elijah and international choices such as Luca and Soren.

–The naming of England’s royal baby catapulted George, up 40 places up the list, to Number 55, but that wasn’t the furthest-rising name.  The honor goes surprisingly to popular favorite Aiden, up 58 places to Number 26.  The full list of names that rose the furthest:

  • Aiden – up 58 places

  • Kieran – up 49 spots

  • Bodhi – up 42 spots

  • George – up 40 places

  • Christian – up 33 spots (new to the list last year)

  • Andrew – up 28 places

  • Soren – up 25 places

  • Declan – up 19 places

  • Flynn – up 17 places (also a big riser last year)

  • Zachary – up 14 spots (also a big riser last year)

  • The full boys’ Top 100, with names new to the list marked with an asterisk, is:

    1. Asher2. Declan3. Finn4. Atticus5. Oliver6. Henry7. Emmett8. James9. Jude10. Owen11. Milo12. Jasper13. Silas14. Ezra15. Django *16. Liam17. Flynn18. Levi19. Leo20. Felix21. Miles22. Sebastian23. Kieran24. Hudson25. Luca26. Aiden27. Ethan28. Jack29. William30. Noah31. Nico32. Theodore33. August *34. Benjamin35. Everett36. Beckett37. Jayden *38. Christian39. Alexander40. Wyatt41. Dashiell42. Eli43. Caleb44. Julian45. Jacob46. Dylan *47. Andrew48. Soren49. Zachary50. Oscar51. Luke52. Thomas53. Isaac54. Gabriel55. George56. Bodhi57. Elijah58. Josiah *59. Theo60. Hugo61. Arthur62. Arlo63. Ryder *64. Micah65. Spencer *66. Samuel67. Callum68. Nathaniel69. Archer70. Lucas71. Rhys72. Zane73. Jackson74. Max75. John76. Logan *77. Mason78. Daniel79. Roman80. Grayson81. Tristan *82. Xavier83. Simon84. Jonah85. Charles86. Harrison *87. Michael88. Nicholas89. Ryker *90. Nolan91. Gray *92. Elias93. Gideon94. David *95. Cole96. Nathan97. Beau *98. Edward99. Knox *100. Ryan *

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