Pisces Baby Names Rise to the Surface

Pisces Baby Names Rise to the Surface

Pisces baby names take their main inspiration from the water. Pisces is the last of the three water signs and is represented by a pair of fish. Names that mean water — especially if it connects to fish — is ideal for a Piscean child. Options abound, from Marina and Fisher to Nineveh and Bardo.

Your child will be a Pisces if he or she is born between February 19 and March 20. Pisceans are the most creative sign of the zodiac, known for artistic skill and emotional intelligence. A name related to a famous artist, musician, or designer from history would fit the Pisces soul. Or you may wish to choose a name connected to one of Pisces’s many symbols, from the amethyst gemstone to the color lavender.

Consult our guide to Pisces names for babies below to find the perfect name for your little fish.

Top Pisces Names

Popular Pisces names relate to its designation as a water sign. Names related to bodies of water, such as River and Brooks, are rapidly rising up the American popularity charts. Ocean and Lake, though less common, are on the ascent as well.

Common fishy names like Finn and Fisher are perfect for a child born under the sign of the fish. A subtler choice would be something like Lily or Violet, which are connected to Pisces’ floral symbols.

Here, popular names for Pisces babies within the official US Top 1000:

Pisces Girl Names

Piscean gemstones give way to many wonderful Pisces girl names. Jade is the most common of the group. As a baby name, it’s had an impressive streak, having ranked in the Top 150 since 1996. Others include Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Coral, which is also the meaning of Marjani and Coralie.

Lavender is the color of Pisces, and this muted purple hue is slowly rising as a baby name. It’s also a quirky botanical name, and one of the hottest names on Nameberry.

Notable Pisces women with names worth considering include actress Jean Harlow and legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose recent death may lead to an uptick in her classic name. Simone is a Piscean name twice over, as the adopted surname of singer Nina Simone, and the first of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

Below, our favorite Pisces names for girls:

Pisces Boy Names

There are many fish-themed baby names appropriate for a Pisces boy, Koi being the most fashionable among them. It’s a natural alternative to Kai — also a great Pisces baby name, as it means “ocean” in Hawaiian. Other fishy choices for boys include Marlin, Shad, and Pike.

Pisceans are known for being artistic and perceptive. The latter may inspire you to choose a related name such as Darshan — a common choice in India — or Jabin. If it’s creativity that excites you, consider artist names or other creative baby names — bonus points if it has a meaning related to Pisces, such as Calder (“rocky water”) and Pollock (“pool,” also a type of fish).

Creative Pisces surnames that are wearable on a baby boy include those of novelist Jack Kerouac, author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and playwright Edward Albee. Actors Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro named their son Albee after the playwright in 2017.

Here, the best Pisces names for boys:

Unique Pisces Names

In the myth of Pisces, Aphrodite and Eros morph themselves into fish to escape the evil serpentine monster Typhon. As baby names, Aphrodite and Eros are rare but workable, especially now that bold mythological names such as Persephone and Adonis have become mainstream. Other uniquely named deities associated with Pisces include Neptune, Inanna, and Vishnu.

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. There are very few names that mean twelve, but Tolvar, a Danish name derived from the Old Norse word tolv (“twelve”), is an attractive and viable option for a modern child.

The Sun occupies Pisces from mid-February to mid-March. February and March are the two rarest month names, each given to fewer than five American babies at last count.

Unique Pisces baby names were given to fewer than 150 babies in 2022. Below, our recommendations:

Names for Pisces Parents

Are you a Pisces searching for a name for a baby of any sign? Check out our guide for Pisces namers, including how to best navigate the naming process with a partner of any other sign (including another Pisces!).

Here are some baby names that might be especially appealing to Pisces parents.

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