Gemini Baby Names Shine Bright

Gemini Baby Names Shine Bright

Gemini names are eclectic and varied, as are Geminis themselves! Gemini is the sign of the twins, meaning anyone born under the sign possesses a dual nature.

This year, the Sun occupies Gemini from May 20 to June 21. It is the third sign of the zodiac and the first of the air signs, making names that mean air especially appropriate for a Gemini child, along with many spring names.

Geminis are the intellectuals of the zodiac — they’re witty, sharp, and have a way with words. It should come as no surprise that many authors and poets are Geminis. A few with standout names: Jamaica Kincaid, Dashiell Hammond, and W.B. Yeats.

The symbols of Gemini are another great source of inspiration for names connected to the sign. Names that mean yellow relate to Gemini’s sunny signature hue and would be perfect for a Gemini child.

And as the sign of the twins, the name of a famous twin would hold extra significance on a Gemini. Some of our favorite sets include the historical Alexander and Cleopatra, biblical Jacob and Esau, mythological Romulus and Remus, and fictional Luke and Leia.

If you're a Gemini yourself — known for bringing flexibility, charisma, and intellect to the baby naming process — check out your own name style and naming preferences in your Gemini Namer profile. This guide will allow you to reflect on your own strengths and struggles in the business of naming a baby, as well as provide a plethora of tips and tricks on how to balance your strong spirit with a partner of any other zodiac sign.

Looking for the perfect name for your little Gemini? You’ve come to the right place. Here, our guide to naming your Gemini baby:

Top Gemini Names

The top Gemini baby names include traditional choices such as Thomas, the most common name meaning “twin,” and June, the primary month that Gemini falls under. Rose, a classic floral name on the rise again, is one of Gemini’s flowers, and always a wonderful name for a springtime baby.

Some of the trendiest top Gemini names include Kennedy and Victoria, after famous Geminis JFK and Queen Victoria. Aria, one of the hottest names today, means “air” in Italian, which connects to Gemini’s status as an air sign.

Below, Gemini baby names within the US Top 300.

Gemini Girl Names

Lavender is Gemini’s flower, and it’s also one of the coolest botanical names for girls. Likewise, Pearl and Emerald, two of the gemstones associated with the sign, are especially stylish at the moment.

But it’s Linnea that might be the perfect name for a Gemini girl because it connects to the sign in two ways (extra appealing to duality-loving Geminis). Linnea means “twinflower,” relating to Gemini’s twin symbolism, and the flower is named after Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus — coincidentally, a Gemini himself.

Gemini women that may inspire a young namesake include actress Angelina Jolie, actress and model Marilyn Monroe, and dancer Isadora Duncan.

Of course, you could always use Gemini itself, although we prefer the Italian variation Gemella.

Here, a selection of our favorite names for Gemini girls:

Gemini Boy Names

A name meaning intelligent or wise would be perfect for a whip-smart Gemini boy — Alfie, Hugo, and Redmond are three of our favorites. Witty word name Witt and handsome Arabic Samir connect to Gemini’s social and chatty qualities — the latter means “a friend to talk with in the evening.”

Notable Geminis include influential rapper Kendrick Lamar, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and late actress and comedian Joan Rivers, whose surname is a preppier take on the well-loved nature name River.

Below, our picks of the best names for Gemini boys:

Unique Gemini Names

The two brightest stars in the Gemini constellation are Castor and Pollux, named after the twins from Roman mythology. They make wonderful unique choices for a Gemini baby — twins or not! — each were given to fewer than 20 baby boys in 2022.

Gemini is associated with the color yellow, which offers many uncommon, name-worthy shades. Saffron and Flavia are golden and ethereal choices, while quirky Canary and other bird names are linked to Gemini’s airiness. Other rare names that mean air include Aura, Guthrie, and Naseem.                                            

Unique Gemini names were given to fewer than 250 babies in 2022. Here, a collection of our favorites:

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