Popular Names in Wyoming

Popular names in Wyoming in 2020 are headed by Olivia and Oliver. Olivia is the Number 1 girl name in the United States, and Oliver is among the most popular baby names 2020 as well.

The Wyoming Top 10 names include several unique choices that are not found on the national Top 10 list. These are Paisley, Abigail, and Ella on the girls' side, and Wyatt, Logan, Jackson, Luke, Asher, Levi, and Jack on the boys'. It makes sense that in a Western state like Wyoming, Wyatt and other cowboy baby names would top the charts.

Wyoming the least populous state in the Union, meaning it takes relatively few births to propel a name into the Top 100. Uncommon names that are particularly popular in Wyoming include girl names Kimber, Oaklynn, Briar, and Mazikeen, and boy names Tate, Jaxtyn, Bridger, and Stetson.

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