English surname
"cattle dealer"

Stetson Origin and Meaning

The name Stetson is a boy's name of American origin meaning "cattle dealer".

Best known as a popular brand of Western hats, this surname gives off rugged, cowboy vibes and a sense of confident coolness. A name on the rise, Stetson entered the US Top 200 in 2023 when it was given to nearly 2000 boys.

While the etymology of the name is ambiguous, Stetson most likely stems from the Anglo-Saxon Stytt—a nickname for a boxer or fighter—or the Old English Stot/Stott—a nickname for a cattle dealer or a wild, young person. It might also derive from the English place name, Stidston, which means "Stithweard's town", stithweard being the Old English form of "Steward".

As a given name, Steston charted briefly back in the early 90s, before disappearing until 2013. Since then, it has climbed the charts and is now used 10 times more than it was when it first made its reappearance.

Baseball player, Stetson T. Allie might have brought the name to parents' attention, while footballer Stetson Bennett has kept it in the spotlight. Other notable namesakes include Stetson University in Florida; John B. Stetson, the manufacturer of the famous hat; and activist Stetson Kennedy.

# 182 in the US

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# 766 on Nameberry

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Stetson Popularity

Famous People Named Stetson

  • (William) Stetson KennedyAmerican author and activist; major influence on getting the KKK shut down
  • Stetson Tyler Ludwickson of baseball player Ryan Ludwick

Stetson in Pop Culture

  • Stetson companywestern wear, apparel, hats, and accessories