Spelling variation of Brooklyn, place name from Dutch

Brooklynn Origin and Meaning

The name Brooklynn is a girl's name of American origin meaning "marshland".

This extra-N variation is hot on the tails of mega popular Brooklyn and takes it a bit further from the New York borough.

Both spellings are off their highs of around 2010, but Brooklyn is holding up better -- not surprisingly, as original names usually have more staying power than the variations they inspire.

While the popularity of the name Brooklyn is often credited to its choice by Victoria and David Beckham for their first (now married) son, the name is overwhelmingly more popular for girls than for boys. Brooklyn was used for about 3200 baby girls and only 57 baby boys last year, while the Brooklynn version was used only for girls, given to 874 baby girls in the US.

# 373 in the US

Brooklynn Rank in US Top 1000

Brooklynn Popularity

Famous People Named Brooklynn

  • Brooklynn Kimberly PrinceAmerican actress
  • Brooklynn Marie ProulxCanadian actress
  • Brooklynn PulverAmerican actress
  • Brooklynn SnodgrassCanadian swimmer
  • Brooklynn Crist (b. 2004)daughter of pro wrestlers Nevaeh and Jake Crist
  • Brooklynn Marjorie Alferio (b. 2012)quintuplet daughter of Jake and Leann Alferio
  • Brooklynn Newsom (b. 2013)daughter of politician Gavin Newsom and filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom
  • Rian Brooklynn Kinsler (b. 2008)daughter of baseball player Ian Kinsler

Brooklynn in Pop Culture

  • Brooklynna character in the "Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous" TV series