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Tripp Origin and Meaning

The name Tripp is a boy's name .

The extra p makes Tripp more of a name and less of a Trip. Usually a nickname of a boy who's a third, but Tripp is sure to get more attention in its own right now as the name of Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and Levi Johnston's son.

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Tripp Popularity

Famous People Named Tripp

  • William Douglas "Tripp" Schwenk IIIAmerican Olympic swimmer
  • Tripp Eisen (born Tod Rex Salvador)American guitarist of metal band Static,X
  • Owen Thomas "Tripp" Phillips IIIAmerican tennis player
  • John Henry "Tripp" Isenhour IIIAmerican golfer
  • Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston (b. 2008)son of TV personality Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston; grandson of politician Sarah Palin
  • (Waylon) Tripp Parker (b. 2016)son of William True Stevenson; grandson of actors Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson
  • Raymond Anthony "Tripp" McCarron III (b. 2016)son of NFL player Raymond Anthony "AJ" McCarron and model/beauty queen Katherine Webb

Tripp in Pop Culture

  • Tripp Campbellmain character on TV's "I'm in the Band"
  • William "Tripp" Vanderbilt IIIcharacter on TV's "Gossip Girl"
  • Tripp Daltoncharacter on American soap "Days of Our Lives"
  • Tripp McConnellcharacter on TV's "Eerie, Indiana"
  • Trippmain character in 2006 film "Failure to Launch"
  • Trippcharacter on TV's "The Vampire Diaries"
  • Tripp Coleymain character from the movie "Monster Trucks"