"bear strength"

Barrett Origin and Meaning

The name Barrett is a boy's name of German origin meaning "bear strength".

Barrett is one of many surname names that are up and coming for boys in recent years. Barrett joints Bennett, Beckett, and others in the trend of "-tt" ending boy names taking over the charts. Barrett first experienced a small bout of popularity in the 60s and 70s, but never quite cracked the Top 500. However, since 2000 Barrett has been rising quickly, and is now officially in the Top 200. Barrett has a pleasing sound and literary association with poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and would be a fresh way to honor a grandpa Barry.

# 207 in the US

Barrett Rank in US Top 1000

# 331 on Nameberry

Barrett Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Barrett Popularity

Famous People Named Barrett

  • Emerson Barrettdrummer of fashion,art band Palaye Royale
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning19th century English poet
  • Barrett Lancaster BrownAmerican journalist
  • Barrett James RuudAmerican football player
  • Marques Barrett HoustonAmerican R&B/rap singer
  • Bad News Barrettring name of professional wrestler Stuart Alexander Bennett
  • Roger Keith "Syd" Barrettfounder member of Pink Floyd
  • BeaudenJordie and Scott Barrett, New Zealand rugby union players and All Blacks
  • Barrett James Realison of singer Christina Cimorelli

Barrett in Pop Culture

  • Tate Barrett Ascottmain male character in Scarlett Avery’s book “Delectably British”.
  • Barrett's Privateersa sea shanty
  • Barrett Jacksoncollector car auction company
  • Barrett Firearms
  • Barret WallaceFinal Fantasy character
  • Barrett Stokescharacter from TV series "American Gothic"