Popular Names by State

Popular Names by State

Popular names by state sometimes conform to the official list of popular names in the US but may also be quite different. There are 18 combinations of the Number 1 girl and boy names by state, as detailed on the map above.

Looking at the top names by state can also offer insight into regional baby name trends. Olivia + Oliver is primarily a Western combination, for instance, while Charlotte + Oliver dominates the Upper Midwest. Olivia + Liam has a lot of fans in the South.

States in the South are most likely to have uncommon combinations of Number 1 girl and boy names vs the rest of the country. Northeastern states are most likely to feature Number 1 baby names that are different from those in neighboring states.

The Number 1 girl name in the US in 2022 was Olivia, which also ranks at the top of the popular names lists in big states like New York, California, and Texas.

But South Dakota and Maine put Evelyn at the top of their lists of popular girl names, while Sophia is the most popular girl name in New Mexico and Delaware. And Mississippi has Ava at the top of their girls' names popularity lists.

On the boys' side, Liam still reigns as the Number 1 boy name in the US. But Henry is Number 1 in Vermont, DC, and Wisconsin, and William rules in Alabama and Montana.

Looking at popular baby names by state can also be a window into unique names that are much more popular in one state than any other. Colson is popular in West Virginia, for instance, while Mabel and Judah rank highly in Montana. Hawaii features Kai in its Top 10 boy names, while New York puts Leah and Gianna in its Top 10 for girls.

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