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Aspen Origin and Meaning

The name Aspen is a girl's name .

Aspen is part of two groups of stylish and unique baby names: nature names and place-names. The name of a graceful tree in the poplar family with heart-shaped leaves so delicate they quiver in the gentlest breeze, Aspen is also the name of a trendy Colorado ski resort. Aspen started as a unisex name possibility but now is much more frequently worn by girls.

Aspen entered the popularity list in 1993 and is a good bet to start climbing higher as more and more parents respond to the appealing place and nature image it evokes.

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Aspen Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Aspen Popularity

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Famous People Named Aspen

  • Aspen MillerAmerican voice actress
  • Aspen K. SomersAmerican child actress
  • Aspen MansfieldInstagrammer
  • Aspen Joy DaleYouTuber from The Dale Tribe family vloggers
  • Aspen Boulwaredaughter of NFL player Michael Boulware
  • Aspen Harmony Clark (b. 1995)daughter of Bill Clark and Julie Aigner,Clark
  • Aspen King Edmonds (b.2016)daughter of former MLB player, Jim Edmonds and reality star Meghan King Edmonds

Aspen in Pop Culture

  • Lady AspenCaptain Husk's wife in the Mistmantle Chronicles
  • Aspen Matthewsmain character in Fathom comics by Michael Turner
  • Aspen Bishopcharacter in "The Swap", a novel by Megan Shull
  • Aspen Fairchildcharacter from Netflix's "Greenhouse Academy"

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