Popular Names in Nebraska

Popular names in Nebraska for 2023 are headed by Charlotte and Oliver. This combination of top names is found in other Midwestern states such as Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio. Charlotte and Oliver rank among the popular baby names 2023 as the third-most-popular names in the country. The top names in the US, Olivia and Liam, both rank 2nd in Nebraska.

Many of Nebraska's Top 10 baby names rank outside of the national Top 10. These are Harper, Eleanor, and Lucy for girls, and Leo, Jack, and Owen for boys.

Other names that are more common than average in Nebraska include sweet vintage names for girls such as Eliza, Cecilia, and Vivian, along with unisex names for girls like Collins, Palmer, and Sutton. For boys, names that end in double Ts are extra fashionable in the Cornhusker State, particularly Rhett, Emmett, Barrett, and Beckett.

Lincoln, the name of Nebraska's capital, ranks slightly higher than the national average.

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