Unisex Names for Girls

Unisex names are defined as those given to the minority sex at least ten percent of the time. Unisex names for girls encompass those that originated as male names but migrated to the girls' side, names that feel gender-neutral but in fact are used mostly for girls, and truly unisex names that work as well for girls as for boys. The names listed here are the Top 100 most common unisex names among baby girls, led by Avery and Riley.

Along with Avery and Riley, the Top 10 unisex names for girls includes Quinn, Peyton, Charlie, Taylor, Parker, Eden, Emerson, and Remi. Many of the unisex names here also make the list of most popular unisex names for boys. Ellison, Frankie, Lyric, and Palmer are among the unisex names that rank on the girls’ list but not the boys’.

Names you won’t find on this list include boy names that are now used occasionally for girls, such as James or Owen, or once-unisex names that have become predominantly male, such as Kyrie. The unisex names here are the most popular for baby girls today.

Top Unisex Names for Girls
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