Popular Names in Hawaii

The most popular names in Hawaii for 2023 are led by Isla and Elijah. Neither of these names take the top spots on the national popular baby names for 2023 where Elijah ranks at Number 5 and Isla at Number 33.

Hawaii's Top 10 baby name lists look quite different to the national rankings, with a number of names ranking outside the US Top 10. For girls, Aria, Kaia, and the aforementioned Isla are unique to Hawaii, while for boys, Ezekiel, Kai, Ezra, Leo, and Luke are favorites.

In 2023, Hawaii's Top 100 featured 72 names that did not appear on the US Top 100, placing it alongside Wyoming as one of states with the most unique baby names. One reason for this is that Hawaiian parents understandably gravitate towards Hawaiian baby names that have not become mainstream nationally.

Names that are uniquely popular to Hawaii with origins in the native language include Koa, Makoa, Alakai, Kaimana, and Kainoa for boys. For girls the list features Mahina, Malia, Kailani, Kehlani, Kalia, and Hilinai.

Japanese names such as Kenzo and Kaizen for boys, and Emi and Noa for girls, also rank highly in Hawaii, which has a large Japanese population. Multicultural names rank higher than average in general in Hawaii, with Amari, Leila, Aila, Mika, Kaia, Alina, and Aliyah making the lists.

Spiritual names and powerful word names are especially popular in Hawaii, such as Ember, Hope, Faith, and Haven for girls and Legend, Atlas, Duke, and Cruz for boys. Names from pop culture hold more sway in Hawaii too, with Reign, Shiloh, Arya, Leia and Raya making the Top 100.

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