leh-oh-NEE-das, lee-oh-NYE-dus

Leonidas Origin and Meaning

The name Leonidas is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "lion".

Leonidas is an ancient name that has started rising again along with centuries-old names such as Augustus and Cato. The original Leonidas was the most famous of Sparta's warriors, sacrificing his life at the Battle of Thermopylae; there is also a saint Leonidas.

More stately than Leon, more melodious than Leonard, Leonidas is a leonine name that commands respect. In Greek, the name is pronounced leh-oh-NEE-das, but Americans tend to say lee-oh-NYE-dus.

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Leonidas Popularity

Famous People Named Leonidas

  • Leonidas I and IIKings of Sparta
  • Leonidas Frank "Lon" ChaneyAmerican actor
  • Leonidas PolkAmerican Confederate Civil War general
  • Leonidas E. "Lonie" PaxtonAmerican NFL football player
  • Leonidas da SilvaBrazilian footballer
  • Leonidas DonskisLithuanian politician
  • Leonidas SabanisGreek Olympic weightlifter
  • Leonidas SextonU.S. Congressman from Indiana
  • Leonidas Flores (Reyes)Costa Rican footballer
  • Leonidas Carstarphen DyerU.S. Congressman from Missouri
  • Dimitri LeonidasEnglish actor
  • Georgina LeonidasEnglish actress

Leonidas in Pop Culture

  • LeonidasBelgian chocolate
  • Leonidas Komninoscharacter in "Thread" by Victoria Hislop
  • Leonidas "Leo" Valdezcharacter of the series "Heroes of Olympus" and "Trials of Apollo" by Rick Riordan