Angel Names: 25 heavenly names for your little cherub

Angel Names: 25 heavenly names for your little cherub

Most of us are familiar with the names of at least a few angels—after all, archangels Michael and Gabriel and to a lesser extent Raphael, have had widespread and long-lasting popularity over the years.

But there is a profusion of other angelic creatures whose names are not as well known.  Thought of as messengers of light, angels are seen as reflecting God’s radiance.  There are Biblical angels, seraphim and cherubs, and guardian angels who oversee various days, months, Zodiac signs, natural elements and virtues.  There are angels in Persian and other Eastern religions and mythologies, and angels in works of fiction.

Then of course there is the whole family of straightforward Angel names–Angela, Angelica, Angelo, et al, that mean ‘angel’ or ‘messenger’; Evangeline, whose meaning,  ‘good messenger’ relates to angel, and Seraphina, which is derived from the word seraphim.

Here are 25 angel names from a range of sources you might consider for your baby girl or boy.

Angel Names

  1. Abraxos – ancient name attributed to an angel

  2. Arael – angel of birds

  3. Cael –an angel ruling over the Zodiac sign of Cancer

  4. Calliel — a throne angel invoked to bring prompt help over adversity

  5. Charoum – angel of silence

  6. Dabria – one of five angels who transcribed the books that the Hebrew prophet Ezra dictated

  7. Dara – angel of rains and rivers in Persian mythology

  8. Dina – guardian angel of learning and wisdom

  9. Ezriel—an angel’s name discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  10. Hariel —  the archangel who rules over December, the dawn and Capricorn; also the angel of tame animals and ruler of science and the arts

  11. Irin – the name of twin angels who constitute the supreme judgment of the heavenly court

  12. Janiel – angel ruling Tuesday and the east wind

  13. Javan – the guardian angel of Greece

  14.  Kemuel – chief of the seraphim who stands at the window of heaven

  15. Laila, Lailah, Layla –the angel of conception who oversees and protects childbirth

  16. Nabu – a recording angel in heaven

  17. Nitika – Native American name meaning angel of precious stones

  18. Rabia – one of the ten angels accompanying the sun on its daily course

  19. Rachiel – angel who rules Venus and governs sexuality

  20. Raziel – an archangel who guards the secrets of the universe, the angel of mysteries

  21. Sarea – another of the five angels who transcribed the books the prophet Ezra dictated

  22. Tariel—the angel of summer

  23. Uriel – angel of the month of September, of those born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; an angel of creativity

  24. Yael/Jael – a cherub who attends the throne of God

  25. Zaniel – angel who rules Mondays and the sign of Libra

Do you have a favorite angel name of your own?

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