Popular Names in Mississippi

Popular names in Mississippi 2023 are led by Ava and John. Ava is also amongst the national top baby names 2023 sitting at #8, but John sits significantly lower at #26 in the national data. Mississippi is the only state where John is the top boy name.

Nearly half of Mississippi's Top 10 baby names are unique, ranking lower on the national charts. For girls, these are Harper, Elizabeth, Mary, and Nova. On the boys' side, the names that rank in Mississippi's Top 10 but not the national Top 10 are John, Waylon, Mason, Grayson, and Josiah.

Many place names (and their spelling variations) are more popular than average in Mississippi, including Londyn, Georgia, and Brooklyn for girls and Kingston and Dallas for boys.

Word names such as Harmoni, Journee, Saylor, Trinity, and Serenity for girls, as well as Legend, Messiah, and Maverick for boys, are popular Mississippi baby names as well.

K names are particularly popular in Mississippi, with Kinsley, Khloe, Kehlani, Kali, Kennedy, Kaylee, and Kalani for girls, and Kingston, Kayden, Karson, Kyrie, Kamari, Kaiden, Karter, Kyson, Kash, and Kyler for boys all ranking much higher than the national average.

Several alternate spellings are more popular girl names in Mississippi than the traditional forms. Aubree beats Aubrey, Everleigh ranks over Everly, and Khloe and Chloe were essentially equal in rank.

National Top 10 favorite Theodore is among the least popular boy names in Mississippi, coming in at Number 112.

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