Spelling variation of Carson, Scottish and English
"son of the marsh dwellers"

Karson Origin and Meaning

The name Karson is a boy's name meaning "son of the marsh dwellers".

An increasingly popular spelling of Carson, bringing it into the new century.

A common English surname, Carson is a patronymic that's also a place name, referring to the son of people who lived in a certain location. Wesson is another example, referring to the son of someone who lived in a western town.

K is often substituted for C as a way to make a name a little bit different. To some, the letter K feels more contemporary (kontemporary?) than C.

# 337 in the US

Karson Rank in US Top 1000

Karson Popularity

Famous People Named Karson

  • Karson Xavier Geddesson of golfer Jane Geddes and tennis player Gigi Fernandez; twin of sister Madison Jane

Karson in Pop Culture

  • Karsoncharacter in video game 'Risen'