Popular Names in Kansas

The most popular names in Kansas for 2023 are Amelia and Liam. Liam is also the Number 1 most popular baby name for 2023, whereas Amelia ranks at Number 4 nationally.

Most of the Top 10 most popular names in Kansas also make the Top 10 for the US as a whole, with the exceptions of Eleanor, Nora, and Elizabeth for girls, and Hudson and Owen for boys. Looking just beyond the Top 10, however, Brooks and Maverick rank in the Kansas Top 20 for boys, despite being outside the US Top 50, while for girls, Avery ranks notably higher in Kansas than it does nationally.

Modern, unisex names for girls are more poplar than average in Kansas, with Remi, Sutton, Charlie, Blair, and Parker making the Top 100 in the state. Names which end with the trendy 'lee' sound such as Hadley, Oakley, Blakely, Wrenley, and Rylee are also uniquely popular for Kansas girls.

This preference for modern names can be seen among the Kansas Top 100 names for boys too, where Hayes, Archer, Ryker, Sawyer, and Stetson are used more than average. Vintage revival names are also on trend, with Jasper, George, and Milo ranking for boys, while Josie, Georgia, Margaret, and Mary are used notably more than average nationally.

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