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uncommon baby names
October 16th, 2020

100+ Uncommon Baby Names

By Pamela Redmond

Uncommon baby names can be unusual in a wide range of ways, from rare to literally unique, culturally out of place to ancient or invented.

European names
October 8th, 2020

150+ European Baby Girl Names

By Pamela Redmond

These girls’ names hail from a wide range of European countries, from Ireland to Russia, Spain to Sweden. What they have in common is a stylish European flavor that will be in good taste anywhere.

character names
September 8th, 2020

Character Names Create Great Stories

By Pamela Redmond

I may be the world’s only novelist who’s also a name expert, which makes it doubly ironic that I was compelled to change my own character names.

popular twin names
July 19th, 2020

Popular Twin Names

By Pamela Redmond

Popular twin names used to appear on the Social Security top baby names site, but alas, no more. But while there hasn’t been hard data on the top twin names in the US for a decade, we can extrapolate from the 2010 twin names data to make some educated  guesses.

July 6th, 2020

Popular Nicknames Soften Unusual Names

By Pamela Redmond

Popular nicknames like Ellie and Jack are often much more common than official name popularity lists indicate, since they’re given on their own and also used as short forms for a wide range of proper names that are themselves very popular, from Eleanor to Elizabeth to Gabrielle, from Jackson to John to Jonathan.

brother names
July 5th, 2020

Brother Names: What are your favorites?

By Pamela Redmond

Brother names should be compatible in style or sound, but not overly-matched. We hear from you — what would you name brothers? — and add our suggestions.

most popular names 2020
June 28th, 2020

Most Popular Baby Names 2020…so far

By Pamela Redmond

The most popular baby names of 2020 feature two new winners, Luna and Milo, and one name whose popularity is faltering since the pandemic.

classic boy names
June 25th, 2020

How to Make Classic Boy Names Unique

By Pamela Redmond

Classic boy names come in many variations that slide up and down the popularity scale. Here’s how to make your traditional favorite more rare.

brother and sister names
June 24th, 2020

What Are Your Favorite Brother and Sister Names?

By Pamela Redmond

It’s the naming challenge the largest number of parents will have to face: What names would you choose for a brother and a sister? And why?

mom names
June 18th, 2020

Mom Names Get Younger

By Pamela Redmond

Today’s Mom Names are yesterday’s Cool Girl Names.