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diverse international names
January 6th, 2020

New International Names Enter America’s Lexicon

By Pamela Redmond

New international names are entering the American lexicon from around the world at an ever-faster pace, as parents look for names that connect to their countries of origin or ancestral heritage. Muhammad and Aaliyah, in all their different spellings, made the US Top 10 last year for the first time, according to one parenting website.

names that peaked
December 30th, 2019

These Names Are Peaking

By Pamela Redmond

Nameberry’s exclusive count of the baby names that peaked in 2018 reveals favorites, trends, and names that will keep getting more popular.

top names of the 2010s
December 28th, 2019

Nameberry’s Top Names of the Decade

By Pamela Redmond

Nameberry’s top baby names of the past ten years feature Charlotte at Number 1 for girls and Asher ranking as the most popular name for boys.

Little Women names
December 26th, 2019

Little Women Sets New Name Trends

By Pamela Redmond

The new Little Women movie is sure to set lots of style trends, including one for names from its Civil War era, particularly Jo and Louisa.

top christmas baby names
December 24th, 2019

Top Christmas Baby Names, Ranked!

By Pamela Redmond

these are the top-ranked baby names for children born at Christmas.

top baby names 2019
December 21st, 2019

Nameberry’s Top Baby Names 2019

By Pamela Redmond

The top baby names of 2019 on Nameberry feature Olivia and Milo at Number 1. Names making the biggest leaps up Nameberry’s 2019 popularity list are Frankie for baby girls and Acacius for baby boys.

top baby names of the 2010s
December 17th, 2019

Top Baby Names of the 2010s Released

By Pamela Redmond

The top baby names of the decade have been released by the Social Security Administration, with Emma leading the list for girls and Noah Number 1 for boys.

nonbinary baby names
December 16th, 2019

Their Name is Nonbinary

By Pamela Redmond

Nonbinary names, used nearly equally for baby boys and girls, seem especially appropriate in the Year of They.

future baby names
December 13th, 2019

Names That Will Define the Next Decade

By Pamela Redmond

These are the 100 baby names for girls and boys most likely to define the next decade.

2010s baby names
December 10th, 2019

These 100+ Names Defined the Decade

By Pamela Redmond

Nameberry analyzes the names on the Top 1000 at the turn of this decade vs. ten years ago and identifies the trends of the 2010s.