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July 6th, 2020

Popular Nicknames Soften Unusual Names

By Pamela Redmond

Popular nicknames like Ellie and Jack are often much more common than official name popularity lists indicate, since they’re given on their own and also used as short forms for a wide range of proper names that are themselves very popular, from Eleanor to Elizabeth to Gabrielle, from Jackson to John to Jonathan.

most popular names 2020
June 28th, 2020

Most Popular Baby Names 2020…so far

By Pamela Redmond

The most popular baby names of 2020 feature two new winners, Luna and Milo, and one name whose popularity is faltering since the pandemic.

classic boy names
June 25th, 2020

How to Make Classic Boy Names Unique

By Pamela Redmond

Classic boy names come in many variations that slide up and down the popularity scale. Here’s how to make your traditional favorite more rare.

mom names
June 18th, 2020

Mom Names Get Younger

By Pamela Redmond

Today’s Mom Names are yesterday’s Cool Girl Names.

Boy names for girls
June 16th, 2020

Boy Names for Girls Reach New Heights

By Pamela Redmond

Ever met a girl named Ezra? It’s more common than you might think. Parents are increasingly using boy names for girls — we have the numbers.

Say their names
June 10th, 2020

Names Have Power

By Pamela Redmond

The names of black Americans murdered by the police have the power to spur action in the Black Lives Matter movement.

lockdown names
May 31st, 2020

Top Lockdown Names Are Simple, International, and Heroic

By Pamela Redmond

The top lockdown baby names share the qualities of simplicity, global consciousness, and heroic strength.

names ending in -er
May 13th, 2020

Cool Baby Names: The -Er Names

By Pamela Redmond

Many of the coolest names today, especially for boys, end in -er, a sound that’s shared by biblical names (Asher), nature names (Winter), occupational names (Booker), bad boy names (Breaker), and even names that don’t technically end in -er, such as Oscar. Here are dozens of cool er-ending choices.

May 6th, 2020

Santa Cancels Baby Name Christmas

By Pamela Redmond

For the first time in its 23-year history, the new official list of most popular baby names in the US won’t be delivered on time by the Social Security Administration. Instead of the usual Friday-before-Mother’s Day unveiling of last year’s most popular names, the SSA posted a message on its website reading: “Out of respect […]

elon musk baby name
May 6th, 2020

X Æ A-12: Craziest celebrity baby name ever

By Pamela Redmond

Elon Musk and Grimes gave their baby an unpronounceable name that might be a name of the future, or the worst baby name ever.