Best S Names for Girls

Best S Names for Girls

Girl names starting with S have always been popular throughout the years, from Susan, Sandra, and Sharon of the mid 20th century to Sarah, Samantha, and Stephanie of the 90s, and now Sophia, Scarlett, and Stella.

If you look past the many popular S girl names at the top of the charts, you'll find endless lovely names that deserve more love. Here are 15 of the most stunning S names for girls.


Sabrina has been on a downward fall since the late 90s, leaving the door open for the sleek Sabina, or her French and German counterpart, the sophisticated Sabine. The Sabine River is in Louisiana, and the Sabine people were a tribe in ancient times that was captured by the Roman empire. Sabine has never charted in the US, while Sabina was in the Top 1000 until the 1920s.


Sakura is the Japanese name that is also the word for cherry-blossom, and had a bit of popularity in Japan particularly in the 90s. Sakura has the potential to make her way to the US, from her sing-song sound to her beautiful nature meaning.


Sassy, strong Saskia makes a bold statement. She an evocative European flair, but feels ready to cross the ocean to the States. Saskia was the name used by Rembrandt's wife, born Saakje. She currently sits at 641 in England, and 388 in Germany. A contemporary bearer is actress Saskia Reeves, who was born to a Dutch mother.


This Hebrew name is derived from a phrase used frequently in the bible that is likely to mean "to praise", but has caused Hebrew scholars confusion regarding its meaning. The name can either be pronounced "say-luh" or "see-luh", and we love it both ways. Selah is the last word in Anita Diamant's novel The Red Tent.


Move over Sophia, Seraphina is an even more princess-y, more fiery, and much more unique option. Seraphina is Hebrew, meaning "fiery", and is derived from the name of the highest ranking angel, the six-winged seraphim. Seraphina feels familiar, and yet has surprisingly little usage. Latin Serafina and French Seraphine are also beautiful options.

Top S Names for Girls in the US


This multicultural name has origins in Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic, meaning it has a range of possible meanings, from "like a star" to "order" to "lotus tree". Sidra is an uncommon name shared by a gulf off the coast of Libya. Popular in the Jewish community of North Africa, Sidra's Hebrew meaning refers to a weekly reading portion of the Torah. In Arabic, the sidra is a tree representing the upper limit of heaven.


Simon may have a reputation of being simple, but Simone is a sophisticated, alluring, and elegant femininized version with a French flair. Simone is one of the best examples of a sweet spot name — familiar and full of history, but not too popular. Contemporary Simones include two notable athletes — Simone Bile and Simone Manuel.


Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off was packed with unusual names, from our hero, Ferris, to his gal pal, Sloane. It was easy to love stylish and thoughtful Sloane Peterson. It’s taken a long time for Sloane to catch on as a girls’ name, though – Ferris took his day off back in 1985! Sloane first cracked the US Top 1000 in 2009. As of 2014, Sloane had climbed to Number 143, with no-e Sloan at Number 574. She fits in with other last names as first names in style today like Blair and Greer.


A gorgeous French name with a sunny meaning — Soleil is pronounced "so-LAY". Soleil is known here via former child TV star Soleil Moon Frye, aka Punky Brewster. The name had some light usage in the 1920s, and is starting to get attention again today, entering the Top 1000 for the first time in 2021.


This lovely Sanskrit and Hindu name is used in Bengal, Bangladesh, India, and surrounding countries. Sonali means "beautiful color" or "golden". Notable bearers of the name include Indian actress and model Sonali Bendre and Bengali actress Sonali Chowdhuri.

Unique Girl Names Starting With S


Soraya is a Persian name derived from Thurayya, the Arabic name of the Pleiades, a group of stars in the constellation Taurus. Soraya was made known in the Western world by the one-time empress of Iran. With Raya being one of the fastest-rising girls names today, Soraya has a lot of potential as a fresh alternative to popular Sarah or Sophia.


Wednesday as a name may have a dark, Adam's Family aura, but Sunday feels bright and, well, sunny! Sunday has a subtle spiritual connection, being the holy day or the day of rest in Christianity. The name Sunday was given to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's daughter in 2008. Recently Sunday was used by influencer Savannah LaBrant for her youngest daughter, which may lead to more parents following suit. The sweet built-in nickname Sunny has been rising by itself in recent years.


While Sunniva may look like another sunny addition to this list, she has a darker history. Sunniva was an Irish-born saint who fled to Norway, where she hid in an island cave with her followers and eventually died. After miracles were reported on the island, the cave was excavated and Sunniva's intact body was found. Sunniva, pronounced "SOO-nee-vuh", does have the lovely meaning "sun-gift". She is a natural but distinctive path to sweet nickname Sunny.


The epitome of a sweet spot name, Susannah (also spelled Susanna) is familiar but fresh, and yet we are constantly shocked at how little she is used. Susannah is bright and cheerful, from her sunny vibe to her sweet meaning of "lily" to her association with the folk song "Oh, Susannah". She has a biblical pedigree, and would make the perfect honor name for a grandma Susan or Suzanne. If Susie doesn't excite you, Susannah has a plethora of fun and cute nicknames from Sosie to Suki to Sanna to Zuzu. Hebrew Shosanna is also a lovely option.


Sophie is a fan favorite for years now — she is feminine, cute, and has that French flair. Sylvie has all of that, and without Sophie's popularity. Sylvie is a French variation of the 20th century favorite Sylvia, meaning "from the forest". Sylvie has a mysterious, magical, silvery sound, and has been climbing in the Top 1000 since 2016.

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