Aquarius Baby Names Hold Water

Aquarius Baby Names Hold Water

Aquarius names reflect the sign’s connections to air and water. Aquarius is the last of the three air signs but is represented by a water carrier, so either meaning suits a child born under the sign. There are many wonderful options, from common names such as Aria and River to unique ones including Tuuli and Kano.

Children born between January 20 and February 18 have Aquarius as their sun sign. Aquarians are known for their intelligence and nonconformity, which connect to names such as Cato, Zella, and Maverick. You may also be inspired by the symbols connected to Aquarius, such as the amethyst and garnet gemstones, orchids and gladiolas, and the color blue.

Find the perfect name for your Aquarian with our guide to Aquarius baby names, below. And if you're an Aquarius yourself, check out your own name style and naming preferences in your Aquarius Namer profile.

Top Aquarius Names

Popular Aquarius names relate to defining qualities of the sign. Sophia, the top Aquarius name for girls, means “wise,” connecting to Aquarian’s intellect. Maverick speaks to the independent nature of the sign.

The holidays that fall during the Sun’s time in Aquarius include Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, each of which has ties to some of the top Aquarius baby names. Among them are loving choices such as Valentina and Amora, and presidential surnames including Lincoln and Jackson.

Below, popular names for Aquarius babies within the official US Top 600:

Aquarius Girl Names

Along with their intelligence and independence, Aquarians are known for their individualism. There are many (appropriately unique) multicultural girl names meaning unique. Sanskrit Ananya, Hindi Anokhi, Turkish Izel, and Persian Nayab are among our favorites.

Aquarius’s gemstones also make excellent baby names for girls. Amethyst is more common than you might think, having been given to 233 girls in 2022. Garnet is much rarer and technically unisex in usage, although girls have the edge.

Notable Aquarius namesakes that may inspire a name for your daughter include modernist author Virginia Woolf (whose given name was actually Adeline), pioneering Black and Native American aviator Bessie Coleman, and legendary reggae musician Bob Marley. French fashion designer Christian Dior was an Aquarius, and his surname has been one of the fastest-rising girl names in the US for two years in a row.

Here, our recommendations for Aquarius names for girls:

Aquarius Boy Names

Aquarius may be an air sign, but it is symbolized by the water bearer, making names that mean air and names that mean water fitting for an Aquarian child. Among the best airy names for boys are Guthrie, Gale, and Zephyr, while Rayan, Nile, and Moses are our picks for those connected to water.

Appropriate for the sign of air and water, the color most closely connected to Aquarius is blue. Blue itself is a great option — despite Beyoncé using the name for her daughter in 2012, it’s slightly more common among baby boys. Other colorful choices for a son include Cyan and Azul.

Aquarian men from history with baby-worthy names include poet Langston Hughes, Belgian jazz musician Django Reinhardt, naturalist Charles Darwin, and inventor Thomas Edison. Another option to consider is Edison’s middle name, Alva, a soft yet strong choice from the Old Testament.

Below, a selection of our favorite Aquarius names for boys:

Unique Aquarius Names

In the Aquarius constellation, the water bearer depicted is Ganymede, a Trojan hero from Greek mythology. The story goes that he was chosen to be Zeus’s water carrier for his great beauty and was later made immortal. Ganymede would be a one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing choice of baby name, but may feel more viable with the increased use of mythological names.

The flowers associated with Aquarius are the gladiola and orchid, each of which is extremely rare when used as a baby name. The last time Gladiola met the five-name threshold was 1995, although Orchid was given to 6 baby girls in 2022. Subtler (and rarer still!) are names that mean orchid, such as Calanthe and Winika.

Unique Aquarius baby names were given to fewer than 30 babies in 2022.

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