Virgo Baby Names Are Pure

Virgo Baby Names Are Pure

Virgo is one of the most common sun signs, but Virgo names span from popular and familiar choices to the truly unique and unusual.

This year, children born between August 23rd and September 22nd will have Virgo as their sun sign. Virgos are known for being practical and observant. They are extremely reliable and often perfectionists. This sober demeanor may be well-suited to a serious baby name, particularly one connected to multiple Virgo facets, such as Cora and Marion, George and Warren.

Virgo is an earth sign, so one of the many names that mean earth could be perfect for your Virgo son or daughter. The sign is symbolized by a maiden, a meaning connected to names that mean pure. Arwen, Agnes, and Zelda are among the many wonderful choices.

If you’re expecting a Virgo child, consider a name from our guide to naming your Virgo baby, below:

Top Virgo Names

The top Virgo name for girls is Sophia, which relates to the wisdom of this analytical and hard-working sign. The most common Virgo-related name for boys is Grayson, for its connection to the color gray, which is said to be especially significant to Virgos.

Other popular Virgo names include August, the first month Virgo inhabits, as well as Onyx, a gemstone associated with the sign. Virgo’s association with virginity makes any form of Mary especially fitting for a Virgo daughter. Maisie and Margot are two of the hottest variations of the moment.

Here, names for Virgo babies within the official US Top 700:

Virgo Girl Names

Virgo’s symbol is the maiden, which connects to many wonderful girl names that could be suitable for a Virgo daughter. Fashionable names with virginal or maiden-related meanings include Cora, Imogen, and, of course, Virginia. You might also extend the definition to include names connected to purity, such as Ines and Susannah.

Navy is one of the hottest color names right now and is also one of the colors associated with Virgo. That makes it especially appropriate for a baby girl born under the sign.

Famous Virgo women who could provide inspiration in naming a daughter include writer Agatha Christie, actress Ingrid Bergman, Royal-adjacent Pippa Middleton, and musical icon Beyoncé Knowles (although that one makes a better badass cat name).

Below, our favorite names for Virgo girls:

Virgo Boy Names

Virgo is often depicted as a woman carrying a bundle of wheat, said to symbolize wisdom. That makes a name that means wise a subtle choice for a Virgo child (Virgos aren’t known for being flashy, anyway). Intriguing options for boys include Alden, Seanan, and Kendry — a Malagasy name easily wearable in the US.

Virgo is the second of three earth signs, so names connected to the land are also worth exploring for a Virgo son. This could be in the form of a nature name or a name that means earth, such as Thelonious, Leland, or Kaj — pronounced like Kai.

Notable Virgos with names worth considering include actor Idris Elba, musician Buddy Holly, and former US President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Here, our top 20 names for Virgo boys:

Unique Virgo Names

The flower names connected to the sign of Virgo make a rare bouquet — among them, Chrysanthemum and Valerian. Likewise, names related to silver, the metal of Virgo, and its gems are equally unique. Agate and Carnelian are names in and of themselves, while shiny and silvery choices include Naja, Eirian, and Mercury — also the planet that rules over Virgo.

Unique Virgo baby names were given to fewer than 50 babies in 2022, the most recent year on record. Below, a selection of our top choices:

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