Popular Names in Texas

The top Texas baby names for 2020 are led by Olivia and Liam. The most popular names Olivia and Liam are also the Number 1 most popular baby names USA. This makes sense given Texas is the second most populous state in the US, and makes up a sizable portion of the overall US baby name popularity count.

However, the Texas Top 10 names also contains many choices that do not rank in the national Top 10. Popular Spanish baby names that rank among the Top 10 Texas baby names are Camila and Sofia for girls, Mateo, Daniel, Sebastian, and Santiago for boys. The popularity of these names reflects Texas's large Hispanic population.

Popular Texas baby names also include many spiritual baby names such as Genesis and Nevaeh for girls and Angel for boys.

Nameberry's own calculation of the top Dallas baby names features unique names that don't make the Texas or the national Top 10 lists. Ember and Maya rank at Number 3 and 8, respectively, among Dallas girl names. For boys, biblical classics Jonah and Reuben are among the Dallas Top 10.

Ava and Olivia are the only names to make both lists of top Dallas names and top Texas names.

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