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Nameberry’s top baby names in Dallas are Luna for girls and Beckett for boys.

Dallas’s Number 1 girls’ name Luna also ranks first in Atlanta, Seattle, and Boston. Luna is Number 11 on the official US baby name popularity list. Beckett is unique to Dallas' Top 10.

Dallas has the most in common with New York City baby names, with seven names appearing on the popularity lists for both cities. Both cities include Luna, Eloise, Maeve, and Amelia on their Top 10 lists for girls. Atticus, Ezra, and Finn rank for boys in both NYC and Dallas.

Comparing Dallas's top baby names to the official list of popular Texas baby names, the only crossover is Amelia for girls.

Girl names that rank only on Dallas’s Top 10 and no other city’s are Euro-chic choices Astrid and Margot. Boy names that belong only to Dallas’s Top 10 are Texas-favorite Austin along with Hayes and Jacob.

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Baby Names Inspired by Dallas

dallas baby names

Dallas offers a lot of places, people, and themes to inspire baby names themed to the city. Here are some prime examples.

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